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Latest News

Grade 6 Graduation Ceremony

Grade 6 Graduation Ceremony

Tonight's the night! 🥳💁 Welcome to the Grade 6 Graduation Ceremony! For those of you who would like to watch the ceremony, here is the link. You can stream the ceremony via the Google Drive link, or you can...

The Long Awaited Return…

The Long Awaited Return…

Welcome back everyone.  It was wonderful to see so many smiling  faces again at school  today. We can’t wait to see everyone again tomorrow.  If you have a positive story to share about your #LODGERS first day back on-campus, let us know via our Facebook page at...

Welcome back to our Prep – Grade 2 LODGERS

Welcome back to our Prep – Grade 2 LODGERS

Welcome back to our Prep - Grade 2 LODGERS. School is going to be different for a while, but we’re going to do our best to keep you learning for life. As parents/guardians, please ensure you have read all the information that our Principal Henry Grossek has sent to...

Garden Working Bee

Garden Working Bee

On Monday morning we're having a #GardenWorkingBee. After the whole school assembly, PFA + all parents and toddlers are welcome to come along. 🆒🐛🦋🍄🌿🍂🌷🌹 Coffee in the staffroom afterwards. Starts at 9.15am and concludes at...

Anaphylaxis, Allergy and Asthma Forms

Anaphylaxis, Allergy and Asthma Forms

Thank you to all the families who have returned their Anaphylaxis, Allergy and Asthma forms. It’s the department of Educations guidelines that these forms are completed within a calendar year, so families are asked to take these forms to their local G.P and return...

Meet the Teacher Night, 2020

Meet the Teacher Night, 2020

Meet the teacher nights are on Monday 10th February 4.00pm-8.00pm and Tuesday 11th February 4.00pm-6.00pm. This is a great opportunity to share with the teacher valuable information regarding your child. Bookings can be made online through the parent portal from 10am...

Augmented Reality Capable Book

Augmented Reality Capable Book

🥳 SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT 🥳 Just as the 2019 school year draws to a close, we have a VERY special announcement. 🔊🔇 This week, we have launched our very own #augmentedreality (AR) capable book titled ‘Hettie and Harry’s Forest Adventure’. #HettieandHarry 🥳 This...

Current Curriculum


Prep/Foundation | Term 2 Overview – 2021


Term 2 is going to be another fun and exciting term in Prep! We are learning about safety in our inquiry unit, ‘I’m Okay’. In this unit, we learn about personal, home, school and community safety. We have some very special visits from the CFA and Victorian Police. We are hoping they will bring their special vehicles for us to see! We will also have visits from the Responsible Pet Ownership association and School Crossing Supervisors! We will finish this unit by making emergency vehicles out of recycled materials and we will have a Safety Dress up Day.


The Prep students will continue learning their M100W, the Magic 100 Most used words. We will continue learning letters through our SMART Spelling Program and will learn the whole alphabet by the end of this term! We are continuing to learn how to write using beginning VCOP strategies and the Seven Steps Program. We will start Big Writes this term and we will have Talk Homework like the rest of the school. We will continue developing our Speaking and Listening skills through our Show and Tells! Which is a highlight in every Prep student’s week!


The Prep students will continue to develop their understanding of numbers 1-10 and will develop number concepts for numbers 11-20 as well. We will continue learning and exploring measurement, space, shape and chance and data concepts. We will be learning about length, mass, capacity and area.


We will continue to enjoy PMP in Term 2. Our gross motor skills have really been improving as we play games and learn important skills. We will also be developing our Brain Gym skills. We will be having a visit from the Life Education program as well. Make sure you visit our Google Classrooms to keep up to date with exciting things we are doing in our classrooms.

Grade 1/2 |Term 2 Overview – 2021


Literacy will continue to be a key focus with the Grade 1 and 2 students. They will be involved in regular reading at a whole class and small group level with texts targeted to students’ individual abilities. Students are encouraged to read to an adult daily and continue to revise their sight words.

Grade 1 will develop their understanding of the correct formation of upper and lower case letters, focusing on size and placement on the dotted thirds. Grade 2 students will consolidate their knowledge of correct letter formation focusing on entry and exit points in preparation for the move to cursive script next year.

The focus for writing during term 2 will be narrative texts. Students will look at how authors develop their stories with a sizzling start, problem and resolution in order to better understand how to plan their own simple story graph, which they may develop into a written piece. During the latter part of term two, students will be introduced to persuasive writing. They will learn to create texts using emotive language and reasons to support their argument.

Spelling will continue to be a key focus with a new sound introduced each week. Students will work through activities during the week and revise their list words at home.


In maths, Grade 1 and 2 students will continue to develop their number and measurement concepts. The focus for problem solving will be the strategy of drawing a picture or diagram to help them to solve mathematical problems.

In addition to class activities, the students will be involved in maths streaming sessions across each of the grade levels. Students will be grouped according to their ability level for one or two sessions per week and provided with a differentiated mathematics program with activities structured to their ability.

Inquiry Learning

Grade 1

Grade 1 students will continue the history focus of ‘Then and Now’ by looking at how communities have changed over time. They will explore some of the changes in Berwick – the growth of the suburb, changes to the environment and buildings. A local historian will visit giving the Grade 1 students an opportunity to learn through old photographs and mementos of the past, the history of the Berwick township and its citizens of significance.

In the inquiry unit ‘Think It, Build It, Fix it’, Grade 1 students will use creative, imaginative and inventive thinking to help them design, build and make changes to a simple machine, with a focus on toys. By looking at their own toys, they will understand the different ways things move and the properties of different materials used in our toys. Grade 1 students will also have the opportunity to participate in an excursion to LEGOLAND Discovery Centre during term two. LEGOLAND Discovery Centre offers hands-on learning across the curriculum, while building and reinforcing creativity, critical thinking and problem solving skills. Students will participate in a workshop where they build Lego spinning tops, collect data on whose design spins the longest, and learn about the forces that affect their top’s

performance. They will also have an opportunity to explore the LEGOLAND’s amazing attractions.

Grade 2

As part of our term 2 inquiry unit ‘On the Move’, the Grade 2 students will be learning about the different forms of transport we use today and how our method of travel has changed over the years. To support students in learning about travel in the past, the Grade 2 students will participate in an excursion the Polly Woodside Maritime Precinct. On this excursion, students will be able to climb on board a real nineteenth century tall ship and step into the shoes of men and women who lived and worked aboard the Polly Woodside. This excursion will provide students with a range of hands-on activities and engaging experiences from using the capstan to hauling sails and scrubbing decks, as well as learning the fine art of navigation.

The RACV will visit the Grade 2s and present their ‘Street Scene’ road safety program focusing on pedestrian, bicycle, passenger and public transport safety.


Grade 1 and 2 will continue to explore STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) with Mr Kelly. In addition Grade two students will participate in a range of practical activities to not only extend their understanding transport and how things move, but to develop their critical thinking, problem solving and collaborative skills.


Respectful Relationships

During term two students will develop their positive coping and problem solving strategies. They will discuss ways they can take responsibility for their actions. They will describe ways to express emotions which show awareness of the feelings and needs of others and will learn to recognise that there are many ways to solve conflict. Students will be introduced to techniques to deal with feelings of fear, frustration and anger.

Grade 3/4 | Term 2 Overview – 2021


Students will focus on persuasive writing along with descriptive writing and editing their written work. They will have the opportunity to revise the structure of the persuasive text and further develop their editing skills. Students will continue to cover various aspects of grammar and use VCOP strategies and editing to further enhance their writing.

Our SMART Spelling Program focuses on different weekly sound, exploring different letter relationships as we continue to learn the spelling rules to support.


Students will cover a variety of concepts including the four processes in number, with a specific focus on patterns in number and problem solving. Other concepts include angles, length, area and perimeter. Students will apply their learning in a week-long number investigation at the end of the term. Students will be encouraged to continue to learn their times tables. Weekly streamed numeracy sessions will continue where students are grouped according to their ability and a differentiated curriculum provided.

Inquiry Learning

Grade 3 students will study the unit Making Life Easier which is a focus on inventions and what items have been invented to make their daily lives easier! The Science focus unit will be a continuation of Night and Day which looks at Earth and Space Sciences.

Grade 4 students will study a geography based unit called The World Around Us which will explore Australia, South America and Africa. Students will also undertake a research project on a chosen country. They will cover a Science unit called Smooth Moves which focuses on forces and will be involved in an incursion provided by Hands on Science on Wednesday 5th May.

Grade 5/6 |Term 2 Overview – 2021


When reading, students will continue to revise comprehension strategies. Narrative and persuasive (exposition) are the focus writing genres, with lessons involving the VCOP and Big Write and the Seven Steps writing programs. We will use the SMART spelling approach to build on the strategies of meaning, syllables and identifying the sounds within words. The school’s Radio Show is a key area of speaking and listening and script writing within the senior school curriculum – so please tune into 97.7fm on Wednesdays at 2pm to hear the live broadcast.


The Grade 5s will have a varied numeracy curriculum in the lead up to NAPLAN to ensure students are covering all necessary components. The grade 5 and 6 students will also investigate multiplication, division, fractions, decimals and number sequences. Measurement and Geometry tasks will involve 2D and 3D shapes, angles, time, volume and capacity. Data representation and interpretation will be the main focus areas for Statistics and Probability. The Problem Based Learning focus for term two is ‘Draw a Picture or Diagram’.

The Australian Colonies

In this unit, students look at the reasons why Australia was chosen as a British Colony; Life as a Convict/Early Settler/Aboriginal person and the Gold Rush. The Grade 5 Camp to Sovereign Hill ties into student learning and is an integral part of the unit of study. Students will be required to complete a project, where they investigate past mining tools and then design a mining tool for the 21st century considering Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Health Education and Respectful Relationships

Students will participate in sessions aimed at developing skills to help manage their emotions, understand the physical and social changes that are occurring for them and examine how the nature of their relationships changes over time. The students will be involved in building a positive school environment that supports healthy, safe and active choices for everyone. They will participate in sessions run by both Life Education and SEA (Sex Education Australia).

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Within the senior school, students will be participating in additional sporting clinics organised by Miss Lamba in addition to our Winter Interschool Sport Competition. Students are also able to elect to participate in programs such as State School Spectacular, Garden Club, Library and Art Club which are held during lunch and recess times each week. The children will continue to meet with their younger buddies and share in many activities together.


Towards the middle/end of term, students will be engaged in assessments in preparation for mid-year reports and upcoming three-way conferences. They will revisit their Learning Maps and assess how they are progressing with their Learning Goals and Change Priorities.


Performing Arts |Term 2 Overview – 2021

In Term 2, students will develop their understanding of movement and be exposed to a range of movement vocabulary. Students will use the elements of dance to make and perform dance sequences that demonstrate fundamental movement skills to represent ideas.

Prep- In term 2, prep students will explore movement and how their bodies can travel around the space safely and in time. Students will learn a range of simple choreographed dances exploring rhythm, beat, time and creative movement to a range of songs. Students will be encouraged to create short performance pieces using their understanding and present using the stage.

Grade 1 and 2- This term grade 1&2 students will explore locomotor and non-locomotor movements and use these fundamental movement skills in their own dances. We will develop students’ understanding of movement and experiment with simple technical and expressive skills and begin to learn about choreographic devices exploring individual, partner and group dance sequences.

Grade 3 and 4 – Grade 3&4 students will explore cultural dance where they will learn sequenced dance moves and structure movements into dance sequences using the elements of dance. They will begin to collaborate and create their own dances routines to simple songs. Students will perform developing control, accuracy and begin thinking about their use of space.

Grade 5 and 6- Grade 5 & 6 students will plan, script and perform a short performance demonstrating how they can create a change in social issues. In dance, students will extend their awareness of their body as they combine movements and actions to create story dance routines. Students will build their understanding of space, time, dynamics and relationships including performing in groups of varying sizes.

Visual Arts |Term 2 Overview – 2021

Prep – This term the students will refine their practical and fine motor skills. They will continue to explore primary and secondary colours and develop their paper craft skills through collage with different materials, with a focus on their inquiry unit “I’m Okay”. The students will also look at making crafts relating to special days such as Anzac Day, Mother’s Day and the season Autumn.

Grade 1/2 Students will be busy this term with a big focus on using a wide range of materials to design and build moving toys and transport. They will become aware of different joining methods. Students will continue to develop their drawing through instruction and choose appropriate collage materials to enhance their work with texture and colour.

Grade 3/4 – In line with their Inventions Inquiry unit this term, Grade 3’s will be using modelling clay to sculpt their own paintbrush and will use different materials and techniques to add decorative features. Students will use their creativity and imagination to create a paper collage robot with a focus on balance and proportion.

The Grade 4’s will continue to explore weaving with wool by constructing their CD dreamcatcher. They will look at artist Dean Russo and create their own animal inspired artwork focusing on colour, line, pattern and movement. Students will be experimenting with magic clay to add creative decorative features to their Magical eyes with a focus on colour, proportion and balance.

Grade 5/6 – Students will look at design elements, shape, line and form during Term Two. They will use clay to create their own 3D space creature, using tools and techniques such as rolling, pinching, twisting, rolling and using score and slip to join features. Linking with their camp to Sovereign Hill, students will also look at the link between colonial history and printmaking. They will use their design of a miner to carve into lino with markings and repetitive patterns.

Physical Education |Term 2 Overview – 2021

Prep: This term, Prep students will be focusing on developing the fundamental movement skills of ball rolling, kicking and catching. They will be participating in games and activities with equipment that will develop the skills required for each fundamental movement. The students will continue to develop the skills required for successful team work and improving their gross motor skills.

Grade 1&2: The grade one and two students will continue building on the skills needed for the fundamental movement skills of throwing, catching, bouncing and applying these skills whilst playing Football this term. They will have the opportunity to work in teams and small groups to build on team work and competing fairly.

Grade 3&4: This term grade three and four students be participating in the winter sports kickball, soccer and netball. They will learn the rules and skills needed in these sports to then confidently play these sports fairly in teams.

Grade 5&6: Students will be refining and consolidating their skills in some of the winter interschool sports including kickball, soccer and netball. Students will have the chance to showcase their skills learnt over the years during a round robin competition within their grade. Grade five and six students will also take part in interschool sports in term 2.

Extra-Curricular Activities for Term 2

· Cricket Blast

· St Margaret’s Netball

· Regional Tennis

· School Cross Country

· Divisional Cross Country

· Regional Cross Country

Mandarin |Term 2 Overview – 2021


Prep students are provided with a happy and positive learning environment in order to promote interest and build their confidence in Mandarin learning. In term 2, students will learn to name family members. They will also be introduced to the legends and traditions of Dragon Boat Festival in cultural sessions.

G 1-2

In term 1, Grade 1- 2 students will continue to build on their Chinese vocabulary. They will focus on learning the words, sentences, Chinese characters, songs and dance relating to animals. Students will be introduced to the legends and traditions of Dragon Boat Festival. They will also be provided an opportunity to make related handcraft.

G 3-6

In term 1, Grade 3-6 students will continue to build on their Chinese vocabulary. They will focus on learning the phrases, sentences, Chinese characters and songs relating to the topic of days, months and years. Students will be introduced to the legends and traditions of Dragon Boat Festival. They will also be provided an opportunity to make related handcraft.

At Berwick Lodge Primary School, we use STEM to help students develop a range of life-long skills. We teach students to work cooperatively in group settings, build upon prior learning, make conceptual connections, and take away meaningful content. 

In the program, students use a range of tools to create code, build circuits and construct robotic devices. They use software such as Scratch Jr in the junior school and Minecraft: Education Edition in the middle and senior school. As the students learn in a hands-on way, they build their agency, problem solving skills and knowledge of the importance of STEM in the 21st Century.

Prep: In the Scratch Jr coding lessons, students will be introduced to concepts that will create a foundation for understanding programming: instructions and sequencing. Through various interactive activities, students will acquire a basic understanding of what code is and how to apply it.

Grade 1/2: Students learn the importance of STEM in the lives of 21st century people. They use LEGO and build electronic circuits to complete various hand-on tasks/projects. The program promotes critical thinking skills, student agency and multiplicative thinking strategies.

Grade 3/4: This term, students will use Minecraft: Education Edition to learn about the concepts of Pattern Recognition, Algorithms, Sequencing, and Loops.

Grade 5/6: Students use Minecraft: The Education Edition to complete various coding tasks and projects around sustainable and renewable energy. The program promotes critical thinking skills, student agency and multiplicative thinking strategies.

Our library is a friendly and welcoming place that exists to encourage children to read, reflect, wonder, question and learn. The library supports the teaching and learning of classroom programs and aims to foster students reading skills, their love of books and appreciation of literature.

In Term 2, Mr Mark Carthew will continue to deliver a specialist library / literature / information literacy focused program (0.6) with the support of library technician, Mrs Bree Collinson and Mrs Jess Taylor. This time fraction requires a rotation of grades, so that each grade experiences three terms of classes with Mr Carthew throughout the year.

In Term 2 the students will be introduced to the CBCA 2021 Shortlisted Books, as well as a selection of titles by our visiting 2021 BLPS Literature Festival authors and illustrators. This year we have been fortunate to secure visits by Adam Wallace (P-6) Lucinda Gifford (P-2) and Louise Park (3-6) These visits will take place in Term 3 in the lead up to Children’s Book Week. All three of these exciting presenters have a significant number of award-winning, internationally regarded books and series.

Senior grades will also look at the design and creative process of writing and making Book Trailers, with integration of creative writing and STEM / computer skills. Library lessons will continue to emphasize the importance of reading for pleasure, considered choices in book borrowing and understandings of library conventions and organisation.

Key features of book design and the Dewey decimal system will be further explored, along with readings and exposure to age related 2020 / 2021 new and recent book releases.


Parents & Friends Association (PFA)

The Parents and Friends Association is an integral and important part of Berwick Lodge Primary School. We work closely with School Council, staff, students and the school community as a whole. Your support is vital and we strongly encourage new membership. Fresh ideas are always most welcome.

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