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Berwick Lodge Primary School’s Parent Portal provides parents with 24/7 access to their child’s data. Parents can log-in to access their child’s report, learning maps and smart goals, attendance information and even update family contact details. Some of these options will be rolled out during the term.

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If you have forgotten your username and/or password, please contact the school’s office staff on (03) 9707 1766 between 9.00am and 3.30pm on weekdays.

Latest News

Grade 6 Graduation Ceremony

Grade 6 Graduation Ceremony

Tonight's the night! 🥳💁 Welcome to the Grade 6 Graduation Ceremony! For those of you who would like to watch the ceremony, here is the link. You can stream the ceremony via the Google Drive link, or you can...

The Long Awaited Return…

The Long Awaited Return…

Welcome back everyone.  It was wonderful to see so many smiling  faces again at school  today. We can’t wait to see everyone again tomorrow.  If you have a positive story to share about your #LODGERS first day back on-campus, let us know via our Facebook page at...

Welcome back to our Prep – Grade 2 LODGERS

Welcome back to our Prep – Grade 2 LODGERS

Welcome back to our Prep - Grade 2 LODGERS. School is going to be different for a while, but we’re going to do our best to keep you learning for life. As parents/guardians, please ensure you have read all the information that our Principal Henry Grossek has sent to...

Garden Working Bee

Garden Working Bee

On Monday morning we're having a #GardenWorkingBee. After the whole school assembly, PFA + all parents and toddlers are welcome to come along. 🆒🐛🦋🍄🌿🍂🌷🌹 Coffee in the staffroom afterwards. Starts at 9.15am and concludes at...

Anaphylaxis, Allergy and Asthma Forms

Anaphylaxis, Allergy and Asthma Forms

Thank you to all the families who have returned their Anaphylaxis, Allergy and Asthma forms. It’s the department of Educations guidelines that these forms are completed within a calendar year, so families are asked to take these forms to their local G.P and return...

Meet the Teacher Night, 2020

Meet the Teacher Night, 2020

Meet the teacher nights are on Monday 10th February 4.00pm-8.00pm and Tuesday 11th February 4.00pm-6.00pm. This is a great opportunity to share with the teacher valuable information regarding your child. Bookings can be made online through the parent portal from 10am...

Augmented Reality Capable Book

Augmented Reality Capable Book

🥳 SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT 🥳 Just as the 2019 school year draws to a close, we have a VERY special announcement. 🔊🔇 This week, we have launched our very own #augmentedreality (AR) capable book titled ‘Hettie and Harry’s Forest Adventure’. #HettieandHarry 🥳 This...

Current Curriculum


Prep/Foundation | Term 1 Overview – 2021


Life is exciting and busy for our Preps as we start school! Our Inquiry unit is called, ‘I’m a School Kid Now’ and it’s all about settling into school, learning the rules and routines and establishing themselves as fantastic lifelong learners. We also learn how to make friends and be a good friend to others. We will have a visit from ‘The Playground Craze’ this term and learn about the importance of getting along with others, resilience, persistence and confidence.

This term, we will also learn about each other in our second Inquiry unit, “Me and my family”. We will look at each other’s families and how we are all special. This is an important unit, as we understand the backgrounds and cultures that make as who we are.


The Prep students will all participate in the government provided English Online Interview. Following from that, teachers will use Cued Articulation and SMART spelling rules to teach our students the alphabet and their sounds. We will introduce our Golden words from the M100W system (the Magic 100 Most used words) and introduce our daily take-home reading program. We will start introducing VCOP ideas and encourage our Preps to start writing recounts and sentences.


The Prep students will participate in Numeracy screening from class teachers. Following from that we will develop their understanding of number concepts 1-10. This includes a range of hands-on activities and number recognition games. We will also discuss and experiment with measurement and chance and data language. Including learning the days of the week and time concepts.


In Term 1, everything is new for our Preps. They will get to participate in all specialist programs including ICT (Information Communication and Technology). In the ICT Lab, they will use our desktops and will be introduced to drawing programs such as Tux Paint, Numeracy and Literacy programs such as Targeting Maths, Skoolbo and Reading Eggs. They will need to develop their hand and eye coordination and learn how to use a mouse.

We will also start our PMP program (Perceptual Motor Program) and Brain Gym this term. This will further develop our Prep’s gross and fine motor skills.

Towards the end of the term, we will have our Easter Hat Parade. This is a real highlight in the Prep Calendar. The Preps will have an amazing day showing their home designed hats in a parade, making Easter related craft and they might even get a special visit!!!

Grade 1/2 |Term 1 Overview – 2021

Grade 1 and 2 teachers commence the year revising key learning from the previous year and establishing new routines through our ‘Learning to Learn’ inquiry unit. Students develop their understanding of how they can become better learners and prepare them for the year ahead. They discover that each learner is unique and that we all have different learning styles. They identify and describe personal interests, skills and achievements and reflect on how these might contribute to school or family life. They recognise the importance of persisting when faced with new and challenging tasks. They will learn to recognise the keys to success – Confidence, Getting Along, Organisation, Persistence and Resilience. Students will reflect on the people, places and tools that help them to learn and use this knowledge to develop their own initial Learning Map. They will identify areas of change as they set goals for future learning.

This term the children will extend their understanding of the structure of recount and narrative text types and will learn how to use a range of strategies to enhance their writing. They will continue to learn the reading and/or spelling of the most frequently used words. The classroom SMART Spelling program focuses on a particular sound each week. Teachers will guide students to understand the meaning of the words and identify the sounds that make up each word. Spelling lists will be developed based on students’ ability levels.

Our home reading program has commenced. Students will regularly bring home books to read. It is important that students read aloud to an adult every day, even if they are an independent reader. The yellow Reading Diary contains many helpful ways in which parents can assist their child in their reading. Parents are requested to fill this in each day so that your child may keep a record of their home reading.

Differentiated mathematical tasks, in both number and measurement, will be provided for all students across the area. Hands-on and digital resources will be used to support their learning. Grade 2 students will commence maths streaming sessions later in the term. Students will be grouped according to their ability level for two sessions per week and will be provided with a differentiated mathematics program with activities structured to their ability.

The Grade 1 inquiry learning units have a history focus as they learn about ’Then and Now’. Firstly, students will explore the differences in family structures and roles today, and how these have changed or remained the same over time. They will discover the impact changing technology has on people’s lives (at home and in the ways they worked, travelled, communicated, and played in the past). Students will learn about their ancestors as they investigate their family tree.

In the ‘My Place’ unit, Grade 2 students will develop their understanding of places that are important to them and also to their families. They will develop their geography skills as they recognise their place in the world. They will learn that the globe is a representation of the earth and locate Australia and other places with which they have links. They will recognise their street, suburb and state on a map. They will understand that a community is a group of people living in one place sharing facilities and that we belong to a community in the City of Casey.

Grade 3/4 | Term 1 Overview – 2021


Students will focus on two genres of writing throughout the term, recount and narrative. They will have the opportunity to revise the structure of these genres and further develop their writing skills in these genres. They will also cover nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs through grammar and use various VCOP strategies and editing to further enhance their writing.

In spelling, the focus will be a different weekly sound, exploring how different letters can make the same sounds and continue to learn spelling rules to support their spelling.

Handwriting for Grade 3 students will focus on correct letter formation and developing their handwriting while Grade 4 students will be working towards progressing from writing in pencil to pen.


Students will cover a variety of concepts including the four processes in number and algebra, a specific focus on multiplication and division, problem solving, concepts of time, statistics and probability, concepts about shapes and symmetry. Students will also participate in weekly streamed numeracy sessions where they will be grouped according to their ability and a differentiated curriculum will be provided.

Inquiry Learning

Both Grade 3 & 4 students will start the term with the topic of Learning to Learn which allows students to identify how they learn best, their strengths, weaknesses and goal setting.

Grade 3 students will study the unit As We Grow which is a health focus on student’s overall wellbeing and what different aspects contribute to their healthy wellbeing. Students will participate in an incursion called Marvellous Me to compliment this unit of work. They will also study the unit called Night & Day which is a Science focus on Earth and Space. Concepts covered include how the earth rotates on its axis, shadows and how we have days, nights, years and seasons.

Grade 4 students study the unit Healthy Body, Mind and Soul which will see them explore the various dimensions to their health including physical, social, emotional and spiritual. It will also cover who and how our community can help us to keep healthy and how everyone has different needs to remain healthy. Students will participate in an incursion called Mind, Body & Soul to consolidate what they have learnt. The Science focus is Earth and Space and is a unit called Beneath Our Feet which will help students understand how human activity and natural processes can change the earth’s surface over time.

Grade 5/6 |Term 4 Overview – 2020


When reading, students will identify the main idea in a paragraph, investigate word meanings and summarise information read. Recount and narrative are the focus writing genres, with lessons involving the ‘VCOP’ and ‘Seven Steps to Writing Success’ programs. SMART spelling will focus on the strategies we can use to help us become confident spellers, such as sound parts, syllables and remembering the tricky parts of our words. The Berwick Lodge Radio Show is a key area of speaking and listening and script writing within the senior school curriculum – so please tune into 97.7 FM on Wednesdays at 2pm.


Mathematics tasks in the area of number will focus on place value, factors and multiples, and the four processes. Measurement activities will involve perimeter, area, 2D and 3D shapes, and identifying different units of measurement and their associated conversions. Probability lessons will discuss chance and the likelihood of an event occurring. The Problem Based Learning focus for term one is ‘Make a Model – Act it Out’.

The Grade 5 students will be supported with specific learning tasks in preparation for their NAPLAN assessments.

Inquiry – Years 5 & 6

The students begin the year investigating different learning styles. They complete a survey to determine how they learn best; either by visual, auditory or kinaesthetic activities. They will discuss what makes an active learner and how to maintain a positive mindset when facing challenges with their learning. Moving forward in Term 1, they will be learning about Space with a focus on the Earth as part of a system of planets orbiting around a star. We will attend an excursion to Scienceworks, including a visit to the planetarium, at the beginning of our unit to tune the students into the topic.

Students will participate in detailed discussion about the 4Rs of cyber safety (Respect, Responsibility, Reasoning and Resilience). Cyber safety will continue to be an ongoing focus throughout the year.


(Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

In Term 1, the Grade 5/6 STEM program aims to connect the senior school inquiry learning unit ‘Space’ to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics lessons. The program will aim to engage and inspire students to think critically and creatively about space and their place within the solar system.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Within the senior school, students will be participating in many additional sporting clinics. They are also able to elect to participate in extra programs like Garden Club, eGames Club, Art Club and State School Spectacular (dance). The children will meet their younger buddies and share in many activities with them throughout the year.


Performing Arts |Term 1 Overview – 2021


Students will build on their performance skills exploring mime, gesture, movement, voice and using expressive skills. Students in the junior school will explore independent and group activities encouraging creativity and developing characters based on known fairy tales. In the senior school students will work collaboratively to create still images, soundscapes, scripts and performances based on inventions and social scenarios.

Prep- Prep students will learn how to move safely around the space and explore and respond to imaginative scenarios. We will engage in song and known nursery rhymes to build on voice and add creative movement.

Grade 1 and 2- Grade 1 and 2 students will explore the use of mime and create still images. They will focus on re creating known images and play a range of storytelling games to explore movement and voice. Students will recreate the known story of the 3 Little Pigs incorporating the use of puppets.

Grade 3 and 4 – Students will begin to work collaboratively to create still images and scenes with a focus on mime, voice and gestures. In groups students create performances using soundscapes and short performances incorporating the use of mime which they will present utilising the stage.

Grade 5 and 6- Grade 5 and 6 students will begin to create dynamic images with a focus on improvisation and characterisation. We will re-create and arrange stimulus, based on known social situations and focus on character feelings, voice, gesture and facial expression. Students will have the opportunity to evaluate their performance in small groups.

Visual Arts |Term 1 Overview – 2021

This term the children will be participating in various art activities, with a focus on the elements of visual arts. The children will be involved in painting, drawing, collage, paper craft to develop skills and experiences. In keeping with the integrated topics being studied in the classrooms, we will begin with Identity and what makes us unique and who we are. Different styles of self portraits from students will encourage the students to reflect and celebrate their similarities and differences.

Prep – Students will have an opportunity to experiment with different materials and become familiar with art room routines and rules. They will begin creating their own art work about themselves in a simple self portrait, as well as learning the primary colours and rainbow colour order. Students will have fun with lines and patterns and making different marks with crayons.

Grade One and Two – Students will be beginning the year inspired by artists Jackson Pollock and Jim Dines to create artworks using a mixture of paint techniques, as well as exploring line,colour,shape and pattern further in their work. They will be relating their art to their inquiry themes, family and local communities through mixed media collage, printing and clay. There will be an emphasis on primary and secondary colours through the term.

Grade Three and Four – Students in Grade 3 will be inspired by the positive artwork of artist Chris Uphue. They will use a variety of watercolour paints and inks while exploring line, colour, shape, pattern and composition in their artwork. As part of their Inquiry unit, students will create a Day/Night landscape. They will experiment with a variety of techniques using oil pastels as well as recognise warm and cool colours.

Students in Grade 4 will use a mixture of techniques to create a mixed media collage to represent a self portrait of themselves. They will experiment with line, shape and colour with an emphasis on composition and balance in their artwork. Students will explore and experiment with the weaving technique to create a dreamcatcher as part of their Mind, Body and Soul unit.

Grade Five and Six – Students in grade 5/6 will begin the year with self portraits inspired by artists Matisse and Alexander Calder, incorporating line, shape, texture, sculpture and colour. They will be able to use a variety of pastels and paints to create special effects for a 2D space project, as well as model clay with various tools, to make a 3D spacecraft or space creature using a range of different techniques.

Physical Education |Term 1 Overview – 2021

Prep: The Prep students will be focusing on working in groups, participating in games (with and without equipment) and developing their fundamental movement skills. They will be focusing on building skills and team work whist playing with equipment such as bean bags, the parachute and skipping ropes.

Grade 1&2: This term students will be building on their fundamental motor skills such as leaping, running, jumping, throwing and catching. They will also learn to use these skills to perform athletic activities such as shot put, hurdles and relay races.

Grade 3&4: Students will be practising and refining their skills in preparation for our upcoming athletics day in Term 2. They will have the opportunity to work in teams and small groups whist building their confidence performing athletic movements such as long jump, high jump, hurdles and much more. Students will also have the opportunity to try out for school team sports such as swimming and cricket.

Grade 5&6: Students will be practising and refining their skills in preparation for our upcoming athletics day early in Term 2. They will have the opportunity to work in teams and small groups whist building their confidence performing athletic movements such as long jump, high jump, hurdles and much more. Students will also have the opportunity to try out for school team sports such as Hot Shots tennis, swimming, cricket and interschool sports.

Extra-Curricular Activities for Term 1

· Swimming Trials

· District Swimming

· Divisional Swimming

· Reginal Swimming

· Hot Shots Gala Day

· Cricket Blast

Mandarin |Term 1 Overview – 2021


Prep students are provided with a happy and positive learning environment in order to promote interest and build their confidence in Mandarin learning. In term 1, students will learn the expressions of greetings and classroom routines. They will be introduced to the legends and traditions of Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival in cultural sessions.

G 1-2

In term 1, Grade 1- 2 students will continue to build on their Chinese vocabulary. They will focus on learning the phrases, sentences, Chinese characters, songs and dance relating to the Chinese 12 zodiac animals. Students will be introduced to the legends and traditions of Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival. They will also be provided an opportunity to make related handcraft.

G 3-6

In term 1, Grade 3-6 students will continue to build on their Chinese vocabulary. They will focus on learning the phrases, sentences, Chinese characters and songs relating to the topic of days, months and years. Students will be introduced to the legends and traditions of Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival. They will also be provided an opportunity to make related handcraft.

What will STEM education look like at Berwick Lodge Primary School?

Deeper learning occurs when a cross-disciplinary approach is adopted that exposes students to a range of thinking processes, skills, content, and applications. STEM can provide students with the chance to develop their critical thinking, creativity, communication, and self-direction.

At Berwick Lodge Primary School all students from Prep – Grade 6 will be given the opportunity to participate in STEM education for 45 minutes per week in 2021. The timetable identifies when each class has their STEM lesson with Rob Kelly (the school’s STEM Leader). 


The Prep students will create science experiments, use Bee-Bots and Scratch Jr to learn about coding, participate in a plethora of problem-solving activities and have a whole lot of fun along the way!   


The Grade ½ students will learn about STEM via digital technologies and hands-on experiences. They will learn about the importance of STEM in the real world and be given opportunities to develop their critical and creative thinking skills.    


 Using learning tools such as Minecraft: The Education Edition, Scratch V.2 and VEX robots the Grade ¾ students will take a deep dive into the world of STEM this semester.  

GRADE 5/6 

The STEM program will connect with the senior school inquiry learning unit ‘Space’ via practical, hands-on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics lessons. 


In the AR Program, students will develop an understanding of what Augmented Reality is and its potential to increase learning engagement across STEM subjects. They will use software such as Dreemar to create their own AR models and learn about the potential of AR in society. 


Parents & Friends Association (PFA)

The Parents and Friends Association is an integral and important part of Berwick Lodge Primary School. We work closely with School Council, staff, students and the school community as a whole. Your support is vital and we strongly encourage new membership. Fresh ideas are always most welcome.

Upcoming PFA Events:

Second Hand Uniform Shop Dates: 



Berwick Lodge Primary School Canteen is run by Bellbrook Catering Services. Days of operation at school are Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays.

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