Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to our website – we are all very proud of our school, having served the families of the City of Casey since 1990. Our school motto is ‘Learning for Life’ and to that end we offer a very broad range of curriculum programs so as to ensure that all of our students have the very best opportunity to make the most of their interests and talents.

As you navigate our website you will see enthusiastic students fully engaged in a wide variety of activities – and it is that engagement and the success that comes with it that we especially cherish at our school. There is something for everyone at Berwick Lodge and it is a privilege and honour for me to be the founding principal of this wonderful centre of learning.


HENRY GROSSEK M. Admin., B.A., B.Ed. T.P.T.C.

Berwick Lodge Primary School

Berwick Lodge Primary School was established in 1990 in the South Eastern Growth corridor of Melbourne. The initial enrolment of 200 pupils quickly grew and has remained at the current population of over 600. Our school logo depicts the Helmeted Honey Eater – regarded as Australia’s rarest bird species, with one of its three acknowledged remaining habitats being on the eastern border of the City of Casey.


Mission Statement

At Berwick Lodge Primary School, above all else, we value our children. We recognise that our future lies with them and so to encourage our students to embrace “Learning For Life”, not simply as the motto of our school, but as a life-long process of development.

We achieve this through our core values of:


Our highly motivated staff and stimulating learning environment shall inspire our students, to continually strive to develop their skills and abilities and take pride in their achievements.


Behaviour that demonstrates honesty and consideration for one another and develops mutual trust, is reinforced by our teachers who are exemplary role models for our students.


All members of our school community show an understanding of, and respect for, one another as equally valued and valuable members of society


The importance of co-operation shall be promoted through the on-going development of teamwork between teachers, students and parents, and the resulting friendships and sense of belonging will underpin all our activities.


Our curriculum is designed to develop the skills and attitudes students will need to enable them to make informed choices and decisions, to become valuable, contributing members of society.

Guiding Principles and School Philosophy

Our motto is: ‘Learning for Life”. Consequently we aim to provide an excellent education for all our students, being one which develops their talents and capacities and enhances their chances of success in further education .

Learning takes place in a friendly, happy and positive atmosphere.

Berwick Lodge Primary School is established in line with and operates consistently with the principles of Australian democracy, including a commitment to:

  • Elected government
  • The rule of law
  • Equal rights for all before the law
  • Freedom of religion
  • Freedom of speech and association
  • The values of openness and tolerance

Nothing in this clause is intended to affect the rights according to, or the compliance with any obligation imposed on, a school under an enactment of the State or of the Commonwealth.

Statement of philosophy

Berwick Lodge Primary School – Learning for Life

Berwick Lodge Primary School promotes a high standard of teaching and student wellbeing programs, which foster a spirit of inquiry and a love of learning.  Our school’s vision is to prepare our students so that they thrive within a global community in the challenging, complex 21st century world.

Our dynamic and professional learning environment is underpinned by a sense of energy and purpose, with highly engaged students and a motivated and caring staff.  We aspire to the provision of a positive and supportive environment which high expectations and personalised care for all students and staff.

We value the extension of all children’s social, emotional and intellectual growth, supporting the learning of our gifted and talented students as well as those that need additional help, with a range of special programs and expert teacher support.

Our curriculum has a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy with structures and practices that promote successful individualised learning outcomes for students.  Our aim is to extend knowledge, challenge thinking, provide choice and opportunity and ignite passions.

We value

  • The pursuit of excellence
  • Respect for others and the environment
  • Excellence and the celebration of success and achievement
  • The development of self-confidence positive productive relationship skills and persistence
  • Leadership opportunities for students
  • Friendships – on a local and international level
  • Empowerment through skills and attitudes to make informed choices and decisions
  • Integrity through behaviour that demonstrate honesty and consideration


1. To ensure that all students are encouraged, supported and challenged to maximise their learning.
2. To provide a comprehensive sequential P-6 curriculum that is challenging and able to meet the needs of all students through planned learning programs encompassing the Victorian Curriculum.

3. To continue to provide and maintain a safe, secure and attractive physical environment that acknowledges the value of individuality and provides all students with the opportunity and confidence to engage in learning experiences.

4. To provide personnel management practices that support the attainment of the school’s goals and priorities through an effective and efficient quality management system, the development of staff, open channels of communication and decision-making processes and regular review and reporting of student outcomes.

5. To ensure resource allocation reflects and enhances the delivery of established goals and priorities of the school.


At Berwick Lodge Primary School our facilities include a gymnasium, multipurpose building, visual arts centre, library, computer lab, broadcast studio, STEM room and a performing arts room. The school has a junior sized oval, four sets of adventure playground equipment, two cricket practice nets, basketball/netball courts and an adjacent baseball centre. Substantial parkland, featuring ornamental lakes is situated nearby.

Recent refurbishments have seen the school buildings enhanced with an upgrade to the administration area, including sickbay and withdrawal rooms for ancillary staff to work with students. There are also four new classrooms joined with a large open work space, kitchenette and technology area.

All classrooms are equipped with computers, interactive whiteboards and data projectors and access to iPads and laptops across classes from Prep to Grade 6.

Quality Management

In 2002 Berwick Lodge Primary School became the first Government school in Australia to receive AS/NZS ISO9001:2015 Quality Managements Systems Certification. This means that our school has an internationally recognised level of whole school management. Our twin goals for implementing such a management system are to maximise:

EFFICIENCY of our workload –doing the very best without wasting time and resources
EMPOWERING our staff, parents and students in the decision making processes of our school.


Quality Policy

To ensure the successful realisation of our School Charter, Berwick Lodge Primary School has instituted this quality policy to ensure that:

  1. The educational services provided by Berwick Lodge Primary School are suitable for the needs of the school’s interested parties and will wherever possible, exceed these.
  2. Berwick Lodge Primary School effectively maintains a quality management system that is as a minimum compliant with AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 Quality management systems-requirements.
  3. The educational services and administrative functions of Berwick Lodge Primary School comply as a minimum with governmental and societal requirements.
  4. Berwick Lodge Primary School staff is responsible for quality and continual improvement and take steps to prevent nonconformity.
  5. Berwick Lodge Primary School ensures that all staff has the training, resources, and infrastructure necessary to perform their duties effectively and efficiently.
  6. Berwick Lodge Primary School has in place measurable objectives for quality that are determined and reviewed on an ongoing basis by the school council.
  7. Berwick Lodge Primary School regards its suppliers as partners and endeavours to maintain close co-operation with them.
  8. Berwick Lodge Primary School makes this policy available to staff and other interested parties

This quality policy complements the school’s other policies on curriculum, human resources and occupational health & safety and business and is reviewed annually by School Council.

The Quality Policy was passed by School Council in February 2024

Parent Communication

Parents are very important stakeholders at Berwick Lodge Primary School and are encouraged to provide feedback to the school in a wide range of ways. With our focus on continual improvement, we are always very interested in your ideas and/or concerns. Please feel most welcome to contact the school staff on any matter of concern to you. In many cases direct contact or a telephone call will suffice. Correspondence received by letter or email is certainly appreciated and will be replied to, with an explanation of the outcome. Our school email address is berwick.lodge.ps@education.vic.gov.au.

School Council

School Council meets twice per term on a Monday night usually at 7.00pm in the school Conference Room. Our School Council has a total membership of twelve which is made up of seven parent representatives, three staff (DET) representatives, 1 PFA co-optee member and the Principal is a member by nature of the office held Ex-Officio.

Three sub-committees meet in the week prior to School Council.

These sub-committees are:

  1. Management
  2. Learning
  3. School Wellbeing

Current School Council Members:

Henry Grossek

Parent Members
Mel Dobric
Michelle Dobbin
Michele Tompson
Rajkeerat Sethi
Karen Keylock
Keiren Walker
Alana McGlashan

PFA Nominee
Kylie Porch

DET Members
Angela Maskery
Sandra McCrum
Rob Kelly

The office bearers are:

President – Rajkeerat Sethi
Vice President – Michele Tompson
Minute Secretary – Rob Kelly
Correspondence Sec – Keiren Walker
Treasurer – Mel Dobric

Sub-Committee Members:

Henry Grossek
Julie Begley
Mel Dobric
Rob Kelly

Sandra McCrum
Keiren Walker
Karen Keylock
Alana McGlashan

School Wellbeing
Angela Maskery
Michele Tompson
Rajkeerat Sethi
Michelle Dobbin

Reports, Plans & Policies


DET Photographing, Filming Recording Students Policy V2

Cash Handling Policy V3 2024

Electronic Funds Management Policy V 7 2024

Purchase Card Policy V3 2024

Quality Policy V4 2024

Fw Policies For Website Quality Policy V3 2023

Assessment & Reporting Policy V2 2022

Attendance Policy

CCTV Policy Version 1 October 2021

Critical Incident Plan Policy V2 2022

Custody Issues Policy V2 2022

Discipline Policy V3 2022

Communication Of School Policies V2 2022

Complaints And Concerns Policy May 2022

Digital Learning Policy April 2022

ESmart Policy V2 2022

Excursion School Based Activities Policy V2 2022

Fundraising Policy V4 2022

Internet Policy V3 2022

Refunds Policy V4 2022

Staff Health And Wellbeing Policy V3 2022

Student Engagement & Inclusion Policy V3 2022

Sunsmart Policy V2 2022

Work Experience Policy V2 2022

Homework Policy November 2020

Integration Policy November 2020

Parent Payment Policy

Bullying Prevention Policy V2 2022 Camps,

Excursions And Incursions Policy V3 2022

Child Safe Code Of Conduct 2022

Child Safety Policy V2 2022

Curriculum Policy V3 2022

Head Lice Management Policy V2 2022

Statement Of Values And School Philosophy Policy 2022

Student Wellbeing Engagement Policy V4 May 2022

Visitors Policy V5 2022

Volunteers Policy V2 May 2022

Additional Assistance Policy V2 2022

Canteen Policy V3 2022

Enrolment Policy V3 2022

Junior School Council Policy V2 2022

Learning And Teaching Policy V2 2022

School Community Code Of Conduct V3 2022

Working With Children Check Policy V2 2022

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