Student Welfare

Additional Assistance

Additional Assistance is a one to one reading program which provides children who may need extra support, time to work with trained staff focusing on their reading development. The children work closely with teachers and parents to develop their reading skills in a positive, focused learning environment.

Better Buddies Program

Berwick Lodge is an ambassador school for the Alannah and Madeline foundation, more commonly known as the Better Buddies program.

The Better Buddies program focuses directly on the development of positive relationships between buddies. It aims to reduce bullying behaviour through the development of empathy, pro-social values and positive pro-social relationships between children of all ages.

The mascot of the Better Buddies program is Buddy Bear. Buddy Bear represents the values of the Framework – friendliness, respect and care for other people, the including of others, the accepting of differences and taking responsibility.

Camp Australia

The Outside School Hours Care program at Berwick Lodge Primary School provides time for homework, time to relax, educational activities and a healthy snack. Best of all, our program makes time for kids to be kids – to play and explore, share with friends and enjoy these precious school years.

– Camp Australia

Key information about the after school care program at Berwick Lodge Primary School can be found on the Camp Australia website. We recommend you obtain a free comprehensive parent information pack by registering your interest here:


Berwick Lodge Primary School is an eSmart school. We promote smart, safe and responsible use of information and communications technology. Students, teachers and the wider school community are equipped to embrace the best these technologies can offer, while being savvy about the pitfalls.

For valuable information about staying safe online please follow the link:

Check out our archived eSmart blog here: eSmart Blog

Kinder to Prep Transition

Toe By Toe

Toe by Toe is a tier 3, phonics – based intervention program that we offer at Berwick Lodge for selected grade 3- 6 struggling readers. Toe by Toe supports individual students who have difficulty in decoding ( reading unfamiliar words confidently and accurately) or reading fluently (reading without pausing or hesitating when confronted by and unfamiliar word) . The program does not specifically address difficulties with comprehension.  
Education Support staff have been fully trained to run this program by a registered speech pathologist and provide individual students 3, one to one sessions per week. 
For more information visit: Toe By Toe

Language Support Program

The Language Support Program provides Tier 3 support to identified individual students and small groups of students, who are experiencing diagnosed, language and learning difficulties. 
The Language and ​Literacy support areas we can cover include expressive and receptive language, speech sound difficulties, phonological awareness and social skills development. 
A trained Education Support staff member works under the direction of our Assistant Principal, Angela Maskery, to provide twice weekly support sessions.  

You Can Do It

You Can Do It is a whole school wellbeing program that we use for introducing the school values. The fives underlying principles are:


GETTING ALONG – Working together, learning cooperatively and helping one another.

CONFIDENCE – Take risks and attempt new challenges.

ORGANISATION -Be well prepared for classroom activities, take responsibility for our personal belongings and set personal goals.

PERSISTENCE -Never give up, even when things are difficult.

RESILIENCE -Maintain a positive attitude, even when things go wrong.

Grade 6 Transition

Our Grade 6 students enrol into a number of local government and private secondary schools after graduating from Berwick Lodge P.S. In preparation for secondary school, our students have opportunities to visit a local secondary school for a session where they can experience life at secondary school and meet some of the teachers. The students also participate in the transition program ‘Making the Change’, which helps our students prepare for their transition from primary school to secondary school. Towards the end of the school year, all Grade 6 students attend orientation days at their new school. Parents and guardians are always welcome to contact the school for further information about their child’s transition to secondary school.

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