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What is our secret to a high success rate of employment?

Liz Blanchard has solution solved with Henry Grossek, Principal at BLPS, along with trainers and recruitment agencies to find the missing gaps of skills and expectations.

We have adjusted the training and adding in more soft skills training to meet the needs of the industry, which benefits the mother in an outcome of a high success rate of employment.

Giving a complete holistic model from mentoring to employment.

They are the building blocks to happy sustainable employment.

Adult Education: now in our fourth year of involvement with adult education programs, we provided 3 courses in Education Support Certificate 3 in conjunction with Eastern College in 2017. The 30 graduates have almost all found employment in schools. To the best of our knowledge, we are one of very few schools that operates such a program, having been closely involved in the design of the course initially. We have employed a number of graduates of this course, one that is especially suited for parents of school age children and are viewing a return to work via a school-oriented career. For housing the program, we receive valuable rental funds.

Nationally Accredited Teacher Aide Course at BLPS

OurTeacher Aide class is now fully book for the mid July course.

If you would like to enrol in our Teacher Aide course we are now taking bookings for Sept/Oct.  Please press on our facebook page for updates.

  • Cert III in Education Support (Teacher Aide) – CHC30213 – nationally accredited with state funding. Pls text Liz to book in for an eligibility check for your state funding.

All our adult classes are in between pickup and drop off (9.30am – 2.00pm – 1 day per week. 2 weeks)

No theory days at the school during school holidays.

Work placement of 100 hours is organised here at BLPS where possible (1 day per week for half of the course duration)

When we have 10 or more students to enrol with Eastern College Australia they will then prepare the course and let us know of the theory day per week. (it’s important to enrol asap as it takes up to 3 weeks for Eastern College to prepare)

We will support you though our Job prep unit. Created with the help of our Primary School Principal. 5 years in the making!

Our organisers are TA Mums – (Liz 0411 020 220)


Our Registered Training Organisation (RTO) is Eastern College Australia

Follow us on Facebook and keep up to date of how the courses are filling and start dates.

Expression of Interest – Teacher Aide Courses

We are very proud to announce that our popular Teacher Aide courses are delivering very good job outcomes for students. Our close working partnership with schools has enabled us to tailor courses to the specific needs of schools in this area. Three prominent education recruitment agencies are providing employment opportunities for our graduates. This is great news and is testimony to the quality of our courses which will multi-skill you in three different areas of employment in schools as a teacher aide –working directly with students supporting their learning, office administration and sickbay duties. We are confident that our courses will give you an edge over applicants for teacher aide positions. Furthermore, we will provide you with guidance, following completion of your qualification, to maximise your chances of employment –firstly with the three education recruitment agencies with whom we are already working and in general.

Hettie and Harry’s Forest Adventure

See how Augmented Reality (AR) technology can bring an exciting and innovative experience to teaching and learning in the classroom.

Augmented Reality (AR) Capable Book + Free AR App: AUD $16.50 per book

This fantastic Augmented Reality (AR) capable book brings to life the characters within the book allowing readers to interact and engage with the text as they learn to about nature and sustainability. The book was written by Berwick Lodge Primary School principal Henry Grossek, Elizabeth Symonds and Rob Kelly. The characters are voiced by students and members of staff.
The book has been a collaborative project with Deakin University. To read the behind-the-scenes story of the making of the book check-out Rob Kell’s London Post article here:

Copies of the book can be purchased from the Berwick Lodge Primary School office.
Details: Buy the book for $16.50 (all proceeds go back to Berwick Lodge Primary School.) If you would like to buy a copy from interstate or overseas, please see the postage information below.

Postage costs are: AUD

Australia $4.70 (including extra strength padded postpack):
NZ $9.45
USA/UK $14.85

Total Costs:
Australia: $21.20AUD
NZ: $25.95AUD
USA/UK: $31.35AUD

Changing costs to other country currencies works well except for NZ whose dollar is worth slightly less than our current exchange rates.
NZ $26.29NZD
UK £15.89
US $30.81USD

Don’t miss the opportunity to buy one of these fantastic books! While stocks last!

In focusing on digital technologies, we were attracted by the potential of Augmented Reality to promote student engagement, in this instance, in reading. By ‘bringing to life’ characters in the book our team wrote, we were hopeful. The book has a strong emphasis on the protection of our natural environment. AR has enabled us to develop colourful, ‘real life’ characters, with which the children can readily identify.

Henry Grossek

Principal, Berwick Lodge Primary School

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