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Augmented Reality Capable Book

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Open night

Open night

Important information: Please note that Berwick Lodge P.S does take out of zone enrolments in addition to all in zone children. Please contact us for details.

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Step into Prep evening

Important information: Please note that Berwick Lodge P.S does take out of zone enrolments in addition to all in zone children.  Registration for this event is essential. Places are limited, so please book now by either visiting us, calling or emailing through our...

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Physical Education Blog

Physical Education Blog

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Current Curriculum


Prep/Foundation | Term 3 Overview – 2021


The Prep teachers provide a rich literacy environment for students in which literacy is purposefully used and discussed. The Prep students continue to work hard to learn the alphabet letters and sounds. This term the Preps will begin to learn different letter relationships, such as digraphs and trigraphs. They learn how to write these letters and sounds and experiment with rhymes, syllables and sounds (phonemes) in spoken words. The children have multiple opportunities to learn new words, and develop their oral language and communication skills. Teachers expose the children to a variety of topics, they model how to take turns in a conversation and how to stay on topic and ask questions. They are encouraged to express their ideas through drawing and writing. Prep students participate in shared writing exercises daily, which model writing behaviours that the children begin to emulate when they write independently. Teachers will continue to develop foundational VCOP, Seven Steps of Writing Success and SMART Spelling skills.


The Prep teachers will continue to provide an authentic, hands-on numeracy environment where numeracy concepts are explored and discussed. The Prep students will consolidate their understanding of numbers 0-20 and beyond. We will explore how we can use numbers in a range of situations including addition and subtraction problems. We will develop our vocabulary for measurement concepts involving length, area, mass, capacity and time. We will use a range of concrete tools and resources to experiment and explore these measurement concepts. We will also develop our vocabulary for geometry and spatial concepts as well as learning how to interpret and draw graphs and data charts. The Preps will learn about different problem solving strategies.


In Term 3, the Prep students will focus on our Inquiry Topic, ‘I’m a Planeteer’. This topic is important because the Prep students need to develop an understanding of how we care for our environment through recycling and a range of other ways. We will learn how to be ‘Eco Warriors’ and consider sustainable living concepts throughout our investigations. At the end of the term we will go on an excursion to the Deep Creek Centre in Pakenham.


We will continue to have PMP and Grade 6 Buddy activities. This term we will also have our 100 Days of Prep celebration. We will have a party, the Preps will dress up as if they were ‘100 years old’ and complete their very own 100 Days of Prep project. The children will learn simple coding through use of the Bee Bots and Scratch Jnr on the iPads.

Grade 1/2 |Term 3 Overview – 2021


The development of literacy skills is a priority in the Grade 1 and 2 area. Students in both year levels will continue to be introduced to a focus sound each week through the SMART Spelling program. Each week a specific graph, digraph or trigraph will be highlighted, and students will have spelling list words to work with during the week. They will learn to identify the sounds within words, understand the meaning and break into syllables. These words will be part of the weekly homework program. In addition, students will be involved in regular reading at a whole class and small group level with texts targeted to students individual abilities. Students are encouraged to read to an adult daily and continue to revise their sight words.

The focus for writing during term three will be personal writing. Students will understand that we write for many purposes and develop skills for writing lists, cards, invitations and letters. Through the science focus in inquiry learning, students will also learn the structure for procedural writing as they write step-by-step instructions for science tasks. Students will also be guided in ways to enhance their writing using adjectives and adverbs. They will continue to develop their punctuation skills.


Streamed maths sessions will continue in term three with a focus on the development of number skills. In these weekly sessions, students are grouped according to their ability so that the activities are targeted to their specific learning needs. In both year levels, skip counting and place value will be a key focus. Students will consolidate their addition and subtraction skills and will be introduced to multiplication and division. Students will continue to develop a range of strategies for solving number problems.

Inquiry Learning

Science will be a key focus in term three. To further enhance the students’ learning, Mad About Science will present an interactive workshop focusing on ‘Light and Sound’ for Grade 1 and ‘Super Bubble Science’ for Grade 2.

The first science inquiry unit for Grade 1 is ‘Spot the Difference’. Changes are happening all around us. Students will learn that everyday materials can be physically changed in a variety of ways. For example, they will explore how materials such as water, chocolate or playdough change when warmed or cooled.

In the unit ‘Look, Listen’, students will recognise that senses are used to learn about the world around them: our eyes detect light, our ears detect sound, and touch to feel vibrations. They will identify the sun as a source of light and recognise that objects can be seen when light from sources is available to illuminate them. They will explore different ways to produce sound using familiar objects and actions such as striking, blowing, scraping and shaking.

In the unit ‘Water Works’, Grade 2 students will learn that the earth provides resources such as water, soil and minerals. They will explore the importance of water in their lives. They will

understand how water is transferred from its source to its point of use. They will consider what might happen to humans if water was not readily available. Students will identify actions at school and home that can conserve resources, such as turning off dripping taps. Students will be involved in a range of practical STEM activities, which will extend their understanding of water and develop their critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaborative skills.

During the latter part of term, Grade 2s will participate in a science inquiry unit, ‘All Mixed Up’. Students will learn that mixtures surround us. They will begin to understand the composition and behaviour of substances. Students will learn about materials that don’t mix well and others that are difficult to separate. Students will explore how changing the quantities of materials in a mixture can alter its properties and uses through hands-on investigations.


You Can Do It – Grade 1 and 2 students will continue to explore the You Can Do It Keys to Success focusing on ‘Getting Along’ and ‘Persistence’. Getting Along is when students work cooperatively with each other. They learn to show tolerance and develop strategies for managing their anger and resolving conflicts. They learn to contribute to helping others and making the school a good place to live and learn. Persistence is shown when students try hard when doing schoolwork they find frustrating and do not feel like doing. It is trying to work without distraction and feeling motivated to complete a task on time and to the best of their ability.

Respectful Relationships

This term, the Grade 1 and 2 students Respectful Relationships program will focus on ‘Gender and Identity’. Students will reflect on their identity: likes, dislikes, strengths. They will learn that we should be able to enjoy a variety of things, regardless of whether we are a boy or a girl, and appreciate how our friends can be different as well as similar to ourselves. Through various activities and discussions, students will learn to realise that our actions and words can be hurtful to others. They will learn strategies to adopt to create a gender-inclusive classroom and playground.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Swimming – Our Prep to 2 Intensive swimming program is offered in term three. Students will have the opportunity to participate in the six session program at Kingswim Narre Warren.

Hoop Time – Interested students will be invited to participate in the Bulla Hoop Time Minis Day (for Grade 1 and 2 students). This will introduce them to basketball in a friendly, supportive competition environment.

Grade 3/4 | Term 3 Overview – 2021

Literacy –

In Term 3, we will be introducing information reports and procedural texts to expose students to new genres of writing. We will focus on the different text structure requirements and development of specific vocabulary. Our literacy programs continue to comprise a range of literacy, creative and critical thinking activities in the Seven Steps to Writing Success, VCOP and Smart Spelling programs. Students will also be encouraged to complete the Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge as part of their regular home and class reading. Our SMART Spelling program will continue to introduce sounds each week. Students select appropriate words linking to this sound focus and will develop their spelling skills both in the classroom and though their homework. Grade 4 students are eligible to receive their pen licenses this term. To do so their handwriting must be legible and fluent in all pieces of writing.

Numeracy –

Students will continue to explore a variety of concepts including the four processes in number and algebra, a specific focus on multiplication and division, fractions, problem solving, concepts of time, statistics and probability, concepts about shapes and symmetry. To support students learning, our online program, Matific will be utilised. Students will participate in an investigation that connects their learning to ‘real life’ math concepts.

Inquiry – Grade 3

In Term 3, our inquiry units are Community and Remembrance, Australia and neighbouring countries and a Chemical Science unit on Melting Moments. We will be discussing what a community is, what does it mean to belong to a, or many different communities. We then move on to discuss different types of communities such as urban, suburban, rural and compare them. Students will decide which community they would like to live in and why. We also look into different people who help us in our community. Remembrance is also part of this unit. We will look into Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and how their lives have been affected. Our Australia and neighbouring countries unit will look at New Zealand, Indonesia and Singapore. Our science unit on Melting Moments is about changes of states and how change in temperature affect the state of matter. We will conduct experiments and observe changes.

Inquiry – Grade 4

As part of our inquiry program, we learn about First Contacts. We look at the impact of European Settlement on Indigenous life. We discover the reasons for early exploration and look at the story of a famous navigator or explorer. Students are introduced to world history and the movement of people. Beginning with the history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, students examine European exploration and colonisation in Australia and throughout the world up to the early 1800s. Students examine the impact of exploration on other societies, how these societies interacted with newcomers, and how these experiences contributed to their cultural diversity.

Grade 5/6 |Term 3 Overview – 2021


When reading, students will continue to revise comprehension strategies with a particular focus on cause and effect, word meaning and identifying the author’s purpose. Information and procedural are the focus writing genres, with lessons involving the VCOP and Seven Steps Programs. Students will also be writing and storyboarding scripts for the BLPS Film Festival. The SMART spelling approach will focus on the term three sounds and specific spelling and plural rules. The Berwick Lodge Radio Show is a key area of speaking and listening and script writing within the senior school curriculum – so please tune into 97.7fm on Wednesdays at 2pm.


The students will focus on the number concepts of fractions, decimals and percentages and their connections between each other. They will examine percentage discounts while measurement activities will look at different data displays and tables. The students will use grids, including Cartesian planes, to enlarge drawings and to plot co-ordinates. They will conduct chance experiments and describe the probabilities of outcomes. The Problem Based Learning focus for this term is ‘Look for a Pattern’.


The students will discuss the different states of matter and how they change through chemical processes. They will broaden their classification of states of matter to include gasses and will begin to recognise different types of matter in the world around them.

Physical science sessions will continue to expand the students’ understanding of light and its sources. The students will explore and investigate light in order to identify that it can be absorbed, reflected and refracted in different materials.

Respectful Relationships

Students will participate in sessions aimed at developing skills to help manage their emotions, understand the physical and social changes that are occurring for them and examine how the nature of their relationships changes over time. The students will be involved in building a positive school environment that supports healthy, safe and active choices for everyone

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Within the senior school, students will be participating in additional sporting clinics organised by Miss Lamba as well as preparing for the Summer Interschool Sport Competition. Film Festival is a highlight of our school calendar and the students will be spending a lot of their time preparing for this special event. They are also able to elect to participate in programs like Hooptime, State School Spectacular, Garden Club and Art Club that are held during lunch and recess times each week.


Performing Arts |Term 3 Overview – 2021

Music: In Music students will begin learning the building blocks of music such as dynamics, pitch, beat and rhythm. They will play games, listen to and discuss various styles of music. Performing to their peers will help build on their performance skills and develop their ability to collaborate and interpret music.

Prep- Exploring musical elements, students will be engaged in a program containing units of work focusing on musical elements such as high and low, loud and soft, fast and slow sounds. Using known songs, chants and stories to add to student’s repertoire. Students will engage in experiences requiring them to listen, dance and perform incorporating the use of percussion instruments.

Grade 1 and 2- Exploring Musical Elements, students will be engaged in a program containing units of work focusing upon the musical elements of beat identification, ascending and descending music scales and melodies that move in different ways. Using known songs, chants and stories to add to student’s repertoire, students will engage in experiences requiring them to listen, dance and perform using a range of percussion and tuned instruments. Grade 2 students will be exposed to simple chords on the ukulele and take part in strumming and playing along using chords.

Grade 3 and 4 – Develop aural skills by exploring, imitating and recognising elements of music including form, pitch and rhythm patterns. Students will explore Djembe drums, percussion instruments and ukuleles and create their own compositions using their knowledge of beat, sound and rhythm. Students will be exposed to creating music using technology and how music can be represented in different forms.

Grade 5 and 6- Develop technical and expressive skills in playing instruments with an understanding of rhythm, pitch and form in a range of pieces. Rehearse and perform music incorporating the use of guitar and ukulele chords and music play alongs. Students will be exposed to creating music using technology and how music can be represented in different forms, using multimedia to create their own compositions.

Visual Arts |Term 3 Overview – 2021

Prep: This term the students will have fun using a range of recycled materials to make art for their sustainability unit. They will be able to make choices in the use of their materials and use different joining methods. Students will also make something special for Father’s day and artwork in response to Book Week.

Grade 1/2 : Term 3 will see the students create art based around literature for Book week’s fun theme, “New Worlds, Old Worlds, Other Worlds.” They will also have the opportunity to combine science and art by using different techniques. They will create and discover special effects with the use of tools, paints and papers. Students will be able to watch the changes in the processes, as well as aim to develop, improve and refine their creations.

Grade 3/4- In term 3, students will respond to literature related to Book Week, Australia and the European settlement. They will create 2D and 3D artworks using different techniques and processes including drawing, collage, painting, mixed media and clay modelling. Students will continue to reflect, modify and enhance their work as it progresses.

Grade 5/6 – Students will be provided with the opportunity to draw ideas and be inspired by cultural art from Japan to coincide with the 2021 Olympics.. They will respond and create art using collage, drawing, mixed media and modelling where they will further develop their expression and artistic perception.

Physical Education |Term 3 Overview – 2021

Prep: This term, Prep students will be focusing on developing the fundamental movement skills of skipping through the Jump Rope for Heart Program, ball bouncing, running and jumping. They will also be undertaking a gymnastics unit developing their body control, flexibility, balance and movement skills. The students will continue to develop the skills required for successful teamwork, turn taking and following sporting rules.

Grade 1&2: The grade one and two students will undertake a gymnastics unit focusing on building balance, strength, body control and flexibility. They will continue to develop the correct skill components and techniques needed for gymnastics. The junior students will strive to develop the fundamental movement skills of forehand striking, two handed striking, running and skipping. The students will build on positive team work and competing fairly in sports. Grade one and two students will also have the opportunity to represent Berwick Lodge Primary School at the Bulla Mini Hooptime competition this term.

Grade 3&4: This term, grade three and four students will participate in skipping through the Jump Rope for Heart Program. They will undertake a gymnastics unit focusing on the correct skills and gymnastics techniques whilst developing their core strength, flexibility, balance, agility and body control. Students will also participate in a fitness unit focused on improving student’s aerobic fitness. Grade three and four students will also be participating in the sport of rounders where they will learn the rules and skills needed to confidently play the sport fairly in teams. Students will also have to opportunity to try out for school team sports such as AFL 9s and Hooptime basketball.

Grade 5&6: Grade five and six students will be refining and consolidating their gymnastics, rounders, and skipping skills during term three. Students will have the chance to showcase their skills learnt over the years in each sport/activity. Students will also undertake a fitness unit focusing on improving student’s aerobic fitness. Grade five and six students will also have the opportunity to try out for school teams such as, AFL 9s, Girls AFL and Hooptime.

Extra-Curricular Activities for Term 3

· Grade 5/6 District Basketball

· Grade 3/4 AFL 9s Competition

· Senior School Athletics

· Grade 5/6 AFL 9s Competition

· Divisional Interschool Sports Soccer Finals

· Girls AFL

· 1/2 Hooptime

· 3/4 Hooptime

· 5/6 Hooptime

· District Athletics

· Divisional Athletics

Mandarin |Term 3 Overview – 2021


In term 3, students will continue to build on their Chinese vocabulary. They will focus on learning the words, sentences, Chinese characters and songs relating to the topic of numbers. Students will be introduced to the legends and traditions of Moon Festival. They will also be provided an opportunity to make related handcraft.

G 2-3

In term 3, Grade 2-3 students will continue to build on their Chinese vocabulary. They will focus on learning the words, sentences, Chinese characters and songs relating to the topic of colour. Students will be introduced to the legends and traditions of Moon Festival. They will also be provided an opportunity to make related handcraft.

G 4-6

In term 3, Grade 4-6 students will continue to build on their Chinese vocabulary. They will focus on learning the words, sentences, Chinese characters and songs relating to the topic of Olympics. Students will be introduced to the legends and traditions of Moon Festival. They will also be provided an opportunity to make related handcraf

STEM |Term 3 Overview – 2021

STEM, Term 3 2021 Google Docs

Library |Term 3 Overview – 2021

BLPS Library Term 3 Overview

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