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Berwick Lodge Primary School’s Parent Portal provides parents with 24/7 access to their child’s data. Parents can log-in to access their child’s report, learning maps and smart goals, attendance information and even update family contact details. Some of these options will be rolled out during the term.

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Current Curriculum


Prep/Foundation | Term 4 2017


The Prep students have learnt how to recognise, write and sound out the letters of the alphabet. We are now learning how to recognise and use diagraphs and tri-graphs when reading and writing. We will be learning about medial letters and their sounds in different words. We will learn a number of spelling rules. We will continue with our writing program and develop strategies for developing our recounts, creating our narratives and will introduce writing genres like persuasives and procedurals. Our students will continue to develop their speaking and listening skills as we integrate the use of more ICT into our programs.



The Prep students will be expanding their concepts and understanding of numbers from 0-100. We will explore number concepts including addition and subtraction problems, sharing and grouping concepts and place value. Our students will be encourage to use a range of Problem Based Learning concepts such as making and using a table and using logical reasoning to solve real-life problem solving concepts. We will continue to explore measurement, space and chance and data ideas. We aim to provide a fun learning environment that includes opportunities to explore numeracy concepts using hands on activities, explicit teaching about concepts, developing the use of our vocabulary and using a range of skills to develop our understanding.



In Term 4, our Inquiry topic is ‘Moo to you’. We will be learning about different types of farms and farm animals. They will consider the basic needs of living things and focus on the life cycle of a chick. The students will think about the food that they eat and question where it comes from. They will explore some different basic processes of food production (from farm to plate) and be invited to attend our Prep Healthy Breakfast. We will also have a fabulous day at Chesterfield farm! The Preps will participate in a STEM session where they must plan and create a liveable shelter for a chosen farm animal.



Term 4 is also a great term for recognising how much our Preps have grown since the start of the year! We celebrate their achievements with their end of year reports and our Let’s Celebrate Unit of work. We discuss special celebrations such as birthdays, different cultural events and of course, Christmas!

Grade 1/2 | Term 4 2017

Grade 1 and 2 will continue to build on the reading skills of fluency, expression, comprehension and retell. They will consolidate both the reading and spelling of the high frequency words and will learn and identify common letter patterns.

The foci of our writing program this term will be revising narrative, recount and exposition (persuasive text) in preparation for next year’s NAPLAN assessment. We will continue to perfect our writing using ‘The Big Write and VCOP’ program and implement ‘The 7 Steps to Writing Success’ strategies. It will be exciting to see how much our writing has improved when we do our “Cold Writes” at the end of the year.

Library sessions will explore Aboriginal myths and legends.



The students in grades 1 and 2 will continue to work in both whole grade and ability-based groups to consolidate and further extend their number and measurement concepts. Students will focus on the Problem Based Learning Concept of ‘Make a table or Chart’ to help them solve numerical equations.


Inquiry Units

This term we will look at the science unit of ‘In my Backyard’. Through exploring their own backyards and school habitats, the children will understand what living things need to survive. They will explore what happens when habitats are changed. In week 4 we will visit ‘Moonlit Sanctuary’ to learn about some fascinating little creatures.


Extra Curricula

Robotic sessions will begin this term with weekly lessons with Mr Kelly.

We will continue to meet with our buddy grades on a regular basis. We will share lunches together and take part in shared activities including sport and Christmas craft.

In November, we will be holding a Junior School House Athletics Day. This day will focus on participation and sportsmanship, as well as earning points for our House team.

We will be practising Christmas songs and dances throughout the term which will be performed at our whole-school ‘Twilight Christmas Concert’ on the 15th December. We hope to see you all there to share in the excitement.

Grade 3/4 | Term 4 2017


The focus for writing during term four will be personal writing. This includes journals, letters, plays and poems. Students will be introduced to the organisational structure for each and will be provided with opportunities to build on their use of VCOP strategies as they develop these written texts. Students will be given the opportunity to develop simple scripts and use digital technologies to record or present to an audience. They will learn to use email to communicate instantly with other members of the school community. Big Write sessions will link to this writing genre. Students will receive a writing prompt for ‘Talk Homework’ a few days prior to Big Write. This is so that they have the opportunity to discuss this at home so that they may come prepare with ideas to develop in the Big Write session.

Spelling will continue to explore the range of letters that represent various sounds introduced each week. E.g. The sound or (for) can also be represented as our, ore, aw, ough etc. They will also learn about prefixes and suffixes and the simple rules for spelling and plurals. Grade 3 students will continue to consolidate their cursive script and they will be encouraged to join their letters in all forms of written work. Grade 4 students will continue to develop a legible, fluent handwriting style and will become more proficient in writing with pen during term four.



Grade 3 and 4 students will once again participate in streamed maths sessions one day per week focusing on measurement. All students across the level are grouped according to their ability and are provided with a differentiated mathematics program with activities structured to their ability. As well as consolidating the four processes and learning to apply these to a range of real life situations, students will also further develop their understanding of a range of problem solving strategies they can apply to real life maths problems.


Inquiry Learning

The overall focus for our inquiry topics this term is Biological Science. In the Grade 3 unit ‘All Things Living’ students use observation skills to group and classify things as living, once living or non-living. They will understand how plants and animals are classified and grouped. They will also look at the science of palaeontology as they investigate dinosaurs. To further develop their knowledge the students will have the opportunity to participate in a dinosaur incursion where they will engage in a range of ’hands on’ activities. In the Grade 4 unit ‘The Web of Life’ students will learn that all living things have life cycles. They will also investigate how plants and animals are dependent on each other and the environment to survive. Through their studies, students will understand the importance of habitat for the survival of a species and investigate ways they can help. Visits by ‘Wildlife Xposure’ and ‘Southern Ocean Education’ will provide a ‘hands on’ experience as students will get up close to a range of unique animals from around Australia and in the waters off our southern coastline.

Both grade levels will continue their geography studies as they learn about some of the countries of the southern hemisphere. This will provide an opportunity to look for similarities and differences as they compare these countries with Australia. Grade 3 will study Australia’s neighbouring countries and Grade 4 will learn about South America and Africa.

Grade 5/6 | Term 4 2017



When reading, students will continue to revise comprehension strategies with a particular focus on figurative language, fact and opinion, drawing conclusions and making inferences. Personal writing and radio scripts are the focus writing genres, with lessons involving the VCOP and Big Write. Our speaking and listening focus will introduce debating, with students working in teams to debate relevant issues. The SMART spelling will focus on the term 4 sounds and build on the strategies of word meaning and the spelling and plurals rules. Radio Show is a key area of speaking and listening and script writing within the senior school curriculum – so please tune into 97.7fm on Wednesdays at 2pm.



Units of learning in Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability will also be integrated into our program this term. Students will revise concepts taught throughout the year to solidify their understandings. Problem solving activities will allow students to apply learned knowledge using a range of strategies.


Inquiry Learning

Year 5 students will participate in a program that develops leadership skills, and the qualities that make a good leader, to prepare them for the challenges of Grade 6 and assist them in developing speeches for captaincy roles in 2016. Biological Science will focus on ‘Living Things’ and the adaptations animals and plants make to live in their environment.

Year 6 students will be continuing their economic ‘Lodgepreneur’ unit – learning how to successfully advertise a business, the importance of quality control and manufacturing. We will be holding the ‘LodgeMart’ later in the term. Biological Science will focus on ‘Endangered Animals’ and discuss the growth and survival of living things. As part of the Grade 6 Transition Program, the students will complete the ‘Making the Change’ program in preparation for secondary school.


Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Senior school students will be participating in our Summer Interschool Sport Competition. Our end of year excursion is a highlight for the senior school and the Year 6’s are looking forward to Graduation. Students are also able to elect to participate in programs like; Coding Club, Garden Club, Chess Club, Knitting Club and sport events that are held during lunch and recess times each week.



Towards the middle/end of term students will be engaged in assessments in preparation for Semester 2 reports. Reports will be accessible through the Parent Portal on Sentral.



Performing Arts | Term 4 2017

Students will explore the story of The Gingerbread Man by combining song and story. Simple methods in script work will be introduced. Students will be encouraged to find their singing voices through participating in a variety of contrasting songs. Through listening carefully students will develop their aural memory

Grade 1 and 2
Students will be introduced to simple chords and strumming techniques on Ukulele. Singing voices will continue to be developed with particular focus on pitch, rhythm and aural memory.

Grade 3-6
Students will learn to sing in rounds, parts and harmonies and develop their singing techniques including breathing, dictation and dynamics. They will extend knowledge and understanding of phrase and other musical structures. Students will be introduced to simple drumming patterns and encouraged to develop chord knowledge on guitar, keyboard and ukulele.

Visual Arts | Term 4 2017

Teachers: Julie McLeod & Jo Zammit

Throughout Term Four, the children will be involved in Visual Art activities that will include: drawing, painting, printing, collage, textile craft and modelling. In particular, the programme will focus on:

  • Clay modelling, painting, glazing and firing of butterflies, tealight holders
  • Farm Art with preps
  • Mini Beasts with Grade 1/2
  • Endangered Animals Grade 3 / 4
  • Fun with Science and Art Grade 5/6, Ipad Art, Photo Art
  • Art Works for the Sensory Garden
  • Remembrance Day Art
  • Making art, based on the styles of famous artists.
  • Assessment tasks and Self-reflections.
  • Pre-Prep School Orientation Art sessions.
  • Christmas/Festive art and craft projects.
  • End of year Art Show Display.


Physical Education | Term 4 2017

The Prep students will be focusing on working in groups, participating in games (with and without equipment) and practising fundamental movement skills and movement pattern using different body parts. Students have also been attending

sessions two mornings a week. Grade 1&2: This term students’ will be working on their fundamental motor skills such as striking, throwing, catching and running. They will be using these skills in minor games in games such as hockey and soccer.

Grade 3&4
Students are practising and refining fundamental movement skills in different movement situations. They will also be practising and applying movement concepts and strategies in games such as; Tennis, Basketball and Frisbee Golf.

Grade 5&6
Students are focusing on participating positively in groups and teams by encouraging others and negotiating roles and responsibilities. In groups, students will continue teaching the class a sport for a lesson. Students will be participating in some alternative sports, such as; Speedball, Handball and Frisbee Golf.

Extra-Curricular Activities for Term 3

  • PMP (Preps)
  • Regional Athletics
  • T20 Cricket (Grade 5/6)
  • Prep- Grade 2 Athletics (Grade 3-6)
  • 5/6 Interschool Sport

Mandarin | Term 4 2017

Prep students are continuously provided with a happy and positive learning environment in order to promote interest and build their confidence in Mandarin. In term 4, students will continue to learn Chinese number 10-20 and how to name body parts in Mandarin.

Grade 1-2
In term 4, Grade 1- 2 students will continue to build on their vocabulary. They will learn how to name days of the week and write some related Chinese characters. They will further develop their ability to make sentences such as ‘Today is … ’, ‘Yesterday was …’ and ‘Tomorrow is …’. In cultural sessions, students will be introduced to the Chinese traditional instruments and sport.

Grade 3-6
In term 4, Grade 3-6 students will continuously focus on learning the words and phrases relating to the classroom. They are expected to use the sentences ‘There is/are …in the classroom/bag.’, ‘What’s in the classroom/bag?’ to communicate with teachers and peers in the classroom and learn to write some related Chinese characters. In cultural sessions, students will be introduced to the Chinese traditional instruments and sport.

Extension group
The extension group will continue to use the Chinese textbook ‘Experiencing Chinese’ and its workbook which focus on writing and reading. The students will learn some useful expressions and Chinese Characters from the books. They will experience Chinese painting and make Chinese Lanterns for Moon Festival from cultural workshops.



Grade 1


Grade 2


Grade 3


Parents & Friends Association (PFA)

The Parents and Friends Association is an integral and important part of Berwick Lodge Primary School. We work closely with School Council, staff, students and the school community as a whole. Your support is vital and we strongly encourage new membership. Fresh ideas are always most welcome.

Upcoming PFA Events:

Annual Fun Run – Tuesday 14th November 2017

Second Hand Uniform Shop Dates:

Monday 23rd October 2017 – 3.00pm-3.45pm
Monday 13th November 2017 – 8.45am-9.20am
Monday 4th December 2017 – 3.00pm-3.45pm


Berwick Lodge Primary School Canteen is run by Bellbrook Catering Services. Days of operation at school are Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays.

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