If you are considering Berwick Lodge Primary School for your child – WELCOME!

Thank you so much for visiting the Prep Blog today and having a look around our school’s website and school. We are such a thriving community at Berwick Lodge and we hope that you have seen this through your travels both online or in person.

Knowing that your child is ready for school is a big decision and can be quite daunting, which is why we have some information below to help you. Please have a look and feel free to download each resource for further reference, and please don’t hesitate to contact the school for further information.

Ready, Set, GROW!

Ready, Set, GROW! is perfect if you’re not sure whether your child is ready for school. There are so many elements to consider so to help out we have put together a very simple and easy to read flyer, which breaks up key factors for you.

Click here to download a copy: Ready Set Grow

The Backpack

The Backpack was designed to be a bridge between school and home for our Preps and their families. It is a complete snapshot of what it means to have your child in Prep at Berwick Lodge Primary School.

This booklet will walk you through:

  • The first days of school
  • Who the current Prep team is
  • Preparing your child for school
  • What a year in Prep looks like
  • First Year highlights
  • The more practical elements of Prep
  • Student wellbeing
  • A focus on both the English and Maths curriculum and their respective strands. Each area then has a dedicated page with activities you can do with your Prep throughout the year to help them with their learning.
  • Dictionary and key terms for school communication and reading reports.
  • A ‘Did you know’ section with some helpful information for families.


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