Did you know we have Bee-Bots at Berwick Lodge Primary School?
Bee-Bots serve as educational robots specifically designed to impart foundational programming and problem-solving skills to young children. Featuring physical buttons on their surface, these robots enable children to actively input commands, fostering a hands-on understanding of instructing computers and robots.
These robots effectively introduce programming concepts such as sequencing, loops, and conditional statements in an approachable manner. By planning sequences of movements for the robot, children can grasp the underlying logic of these concepts.
Bee-Bots offer a concrete avenue for children to explore programming, obviating the need for screen-based interaction. To solve problems and achieve desired outcomes, children are required to strategise and think ahead, thereby nurturing their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.
The appeal of Bee-Bots lies in their ability to make programming both enjoyable and playful. This aspect can significantly bolster children’s motivation to delve into the realm of technology and coding, kindling a genuine interest in learning.
All in all, Bee-Bots excel in delivering an interactive, tactile, and captivating approach to introducing programming to young children. Through this medium, they cultivate a range of valuable skills that extend beyond mere coding proficiency.

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