Tips for Mealtimes….

  1. Limit distractions, eg. Television, screens, noise.
  2. Sit together for meals as a family.
  3. Provide a “special”, (awesome, amazing) chair for your child to sit in at mealtimes. Awesome for them could be a special cushion, label or sign or decorated a certain way. Make sure it is comfortable for them and supportive.
  4. Set certain routines for mealtimes, such as, setting the table, washing hands, make mealtime at a set time every day.
  5. Start with food your child loves and slowly introduce and expand on this group. Reintroduce foods they are not keen on many times.
  6. Don’t force eating.
  7. Be aware of textures/smells that your child might not like. Sometimes these can distract from the task at hand and discourage them from trying new things.
  8. Relax and limit anxiety for your child and for you. If they see you upset at mealtimes they may associate mealtimes with this feeling.
  9. Of course, rule out any allergies, intolerance and any medical issues before you begin.
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