Today we launch our very own television program on Vimeo. ‘LODGERS’ is a weekly program that highlights and covers many areas of our amazing school, including student achievements, programs, special events and much more.
Every Thursday, a new episode will drop on our Learning with Digital Technology BLOG, webpage, Facebook/Twitter and school Vimeo page. Here is the link to today’s show:

We would love you to visit our Vimeo page and leave us a comment under each week’s episode.

Here is a synoptic overview of this week’s episode: LODGERS – Series 1 – Episode 1.
“In this week’s episode of LODGERS, we visit the students of 5R in the radio studio as they prepare to broadcast on 97.7FM Casey Radio. We explore what PMP is and go back-in-time to the school’s Chinese Moon Festival.”

Until next time – keep learning for life!

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