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Nationally Accredited Teacher Aide Course at BLPS

Teacher Aide course starts Friday 13th October. Enrol now!

Are you interested in studying:

  • Cert III in Education Support (Teacher Aide) – CHC30213

All our adult classes are in between pickup and drop off.

5 hrs on Fridays and is nationally accredited with state funding.

We will support you though our Job prep unit. Created with the help of our Primary School Principal. 5 years in the making!



Expression of Interest – Teacher Aide Courses

We are very proud to announce that our popular Teacher Aide courses are delivering very good job outcomes for students. Our close working partnership with schools has enabled us to tailor courses to the specific needs of schools in this area. Three prominent education recruitment agencies are providing employment opportunities for our graduates. This is great news and is testimony to the quality of our courses which will multi-skill you in three different areas of employment in schools as a teacher aide –working directly with students supporting their learning, office administration and sickbay duties. We are confident that our courses will give you an edge over applicants for teacher aide positions. Furthermore we will provide you with guidance, following completion of your qualification, to maximise your chances of employment –firstly with the three education recruitment agencies with whom we are already working and in general.


School Readiness

Check out these free illustrative and multimedia school readiness resources…

This is Mike Joey! He’s a drummer! Watch the video to learn about ‘crossing the midline’ when playing the drums.

Have you heard of PMP (Perceptual Motor Program)? Watch the video to learn all about it.

Sophie Nolis explains the benefits of the garbage truck meditation in this short video!

Join Sophie Nolis as she meditates in a beautiful wilderness far, far away…!

Below are a selection of PDF PMP and illustrative drumming resources. Please feel free to download the illustrations and documents to use them at home.

Forest Classroom

The Forest Classroom is a Kindergarten to Prep/Foundation bridging curriculum program. Designed to prepare children for primary school in a fun and educational way, Forest Classroom is a great resource for teachers and parents alike! Explore some of the exciting components of this program on this page.

Share & Support 4 Additional Needs

Gurmit Kaur

Gurmit has more than 22 years of experience in the education industry as a special education teacher, having been commended and awarded the “Outstanding Special Needs Teacher” by Ministry of Education Singapore in 2012. She has worked with students from various backgrounds and a wide range of intellectual, physical and emotional disabilities. Motivated about guiding each individual student to reach their fullest potential, Gurmit is a dedicated individual who develops her students’ self-confidence, independence and a sense of well being through engaging them in a variety of lessons and activities in different educational and social settings. She always emphasises on open interaction and communication with parents, volunteers, therapists, counsellors and other organisations to ensure that programs and learning experiences planned for each student are beneficial to their personal growth and development.

Gurmit has been a mentor to new teachers, coaching and guiding to nurture their passion and interest in the field of special education. She has conducted both internal and external presentations with special needs and main stream schools as Head of Department (Safety & Sexuality). Spearheading the setup and successful launch of the school’s Entrepreneur Club to promote creativity, business skills and financial management amongst students. She has worked closely with the National Council of Social Services in Singapore providing support for their Special Needs awareness programmes. With her passion for educating students, Gurmit is always keen contributor for innovative, sustainable and impactful projects in the education of young children.


My name is Annie.

I am a mother of three amazing children, one with additional needs. I have been a Nurse for 19 years and my priorities have always included helping and caring for others.

Throughout my personal journey I have encountered so many wonderful people who have made my challenges seem easier and also made me see the positive side of absolutely every situation. I have been inspired by the help and guidance I’ve received from others and I’d like to make that same to difference to others professionally and personally.

I have moved from Nursing into Education Support and I hope to help other families, just like mine has been helped already.

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