Just as the 2019 school year draws to a close, we have a VERY special announcement. 🔊🔇

This week, we have launched our very own #augmentedreality (AR) capable book titled ‘Hettie and Harry’s Forest Adventure’. #HettieandHarry 🥳 This cutting-edge picture storybook includes FIVE augmented reality pages. To activate the AR content, buy a copy of the book and then download our FREE ‘Forest Classroom AR’ app to a compatible iPad or tablet device. 👌🏼

The book was written by our principal Henry Grossek, Elizabeth Symonds and Rob Kelly. The characters were voiced by students and members of staff. The project has been a collaborative one with Deakin University, in an effort to engage children with their learning. Today, we’re finally able to announce that we have copies of the book in our school 🏫 office ready for purchase. 👌🏼

Details: Buy the book for $16.50 (all proceeds go back to Berwick Lodge Primary School.) If you would like to buy a copy from interstate or overseas, please see the postage information ℹ️ below. ☺️ #weloveblps

Postage costs are: AUD
Australia $4.70 (including extra strength padded postpack):

NZ $9.45
USA/UK $14.85

Total Costs:
Australia: $21.20AUD
NZ: $25.95AUD
USA/UK: $31.35AUD

Changing costs to other country currencies works well except for NZ whose dollar is worth slightly less than ourselves current exchange rates.

NZ $26.29NZD
UK £15.89
US $30.81USD

Don’t miss the opportunity to buy one of these fantastic books! ☺️While stocks last! 😬😋

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