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Important information: Please note that Berwick Lodge P.S does take out of zone enrolments in addition to all in zone children. Please contact us for details.

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Important information: Please note that Berwick Lodge P.S does take out of zone enrolments in addition to all in zone children.  Registration for this event is essential. Places are limited, so please book now by either visiting us, calling or emailing through our...

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Yesterday, our G3 - G6 #LODGERS enjoyed a special House Athletics Day. 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🤸‍♀️🥇It was a fantastic experience and was enjoyed by everyone. Thank you to all the teachers and staff (particularly Miss Craig 🏃‍♀️) who helped to make the day a resounding success. A BIG...

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Each year we love to showcase our students artwork at the Berwick Show. If you are there over this weekend, Saturday/Sunday, please take time to head to the Horticulture Sheds where you will find the School Art displays. So many creative students here at Berwick...

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Before the new 2019 school year starts for our #LODGERS, let's take some time to reflect on their many achievements, adventures and learning in 2018. This special edition of LODGERS MAGAZINE is a free 'yearbook' download for our school community. It celebrates 2018...

Current Curriculum


Prep/Foundation | Term 2 overview – 2019


Term 2 is going to be another fun and exciting term in Prep! We are learning about safety in our inquiry unit, ‘I’m Okay’. In this unit, we learn about personal, home, school and community safety. We have some very special visits from the CFA and Victorian Police. We are hoping they will bring their special vehicles for us to see! We will also have visits from the Responsible Pet Ownership association and School Crossing Supervisors! We will finish this unit by making emergency vehicles out of recycled materials and we will have a Safety Dress up Day.


The Prep students will continue learning their M100W, the Magic 100 Most used words. We will continue learning letters through our SMART Spelling Program and will learn the whole alphabet by the end of this term! We are continuing to learn how to write using beginning VCOP strategies and the Seven Steps Program.  We will start Big Writes this term and we will have Talk Homework like the rest of the school. We will continue developing our Speaking and Listening skills through our Show and Tells! Which is a highlight in every Prep student’s week!


The Prep students will continue to develop their understanding of numbers 1-10 and will develop number concepts for numbers 11-20 as well. We will continue learning and exploring measurement, space, shape and chance and data concepts. We will be learning about length, mass, capacity and area.


We will continue to enjoy PMP in Term 2. Our gross motor skills have really been improving as we play games and learn important skills. We will also be developing our Brain Gym skills.

We will also have a special visit from the Life Ed Van and we are excited to meet Harold the Giraffe! Make sure you visit our classroom blogs to see details of the exciting things we are getting up to!

Grade 1/2 | Term 2 overview – 2019


Literacy will continue to be a key focus with the Grade 1 and 2 students. They will be involved in regular reading at a whole class and small group level with texts targeted to students’ individual abilities. Students are encouraged to read to an adult daily and continue to revise their sight words.

Grade 1 will develop their understanding of the correct formation of upper and lower case letters, focusing on size and placement on the dotted thirds. Grade 2 students will consolidate their knowledge of correct letter formation focusing on entry and exit points in preparation for the move to cursive script next year.

The focus for writing during term 2 will be narrative texts. Students will look at how authors develop their stories with a sizzling start, problem and resolution in order to better understand how to plan their own simple story graph, which they may develop into a written piece. During the latter part of term two, students will be introduced to persuasive writing. They will learn to create texts using emotive language and reasons to support their argument.

Spelling will continue to be a key focus with a new sound introduced each week. Students will work through activities during the week and revise their list words at home.


In maths, Grade 1 and 2 students will continue to develop their number and measurement concepts.  The focus for problem solving will be the strategy of drawing a picture or diagram to help them to solve mathematical problems.

 In addition to class activities, the students will be involved in maths streaming sessions across each of the grade levels. Students will be grouped according to their ability level for one or two sessions per week and provided with a differentiated mathematics program with activities structured to their ability.

Inquiry Learning

Grade 1

Grade 1 students will continue the history focus of ‘Then and Now’ by looking at how communities have changed over time. They will explore some of the changes in Berwick – the growth of the suburb, changes to the environment and buildings. A local historian will visit giving the Grade 1 students an opportunity to learn through old photographs and mementos of the past, the history of the Berwick township and its citizens of significance.

In the inquiry unit ‘Think It, Build It, Fix it’, Grade 1 students will use creative, imaginative and inventive thinking to help them design, build and make changes to a simple machine, with a focus on toys. By looking at their own toys, they will understand the different ways things move and the properties of different materials used in our toys. Grade 1 students will also have the opportunity to participate in an excursion to LEGOLAND Discovery Centre early in term two. LEGOLAND Discovery Centre offers hands-on learning across the curriculum, while building and reinforcing creativity, critical thinking and problem solving skills. Students will participate in a workshop where they build Lego spinning tops, collect data on whose design spins the longest, and learn about the forces that affect their top’s performance. They will also have an opportunity to explore the LEGOLAND’s amazing attractions.

Grade 2

As part of our term 2 inquiry unit ‘On the Move’, the Grade 2 students will be learning about the different forms of transport we use today and how our method of travel has changed over the years. To support students in learning about travel in the past, the Grade 2 students will participate in an excursion the Polly Woodside Maritime Precinct. On this excursion, students will be able to climb on board a real nineteenth century tall ship and step into the shoes of men and women who lived and worked aboard the Polly Woodside. This excursion will provide students with a range of hands-on activities and engaging experiences from using the capstan to hauling sails and scrubbing decks, as well as learning the fine art of navigation. The program also includes entry to the Polly Woodside Gallery and a film about the life of the crew member and his journey on board the Polly Woodside in 1904.

The RACV will visit the Grade 2s and present their ‘Street Scene’ road safety program focusing on pedestrian, bicycle, passenger and public transport safety.

In the unit ‘Water Works, Grade 2 students will learn that the earth provides resources such as water, soil and minerals. They will explore the importance of water in their lives. They will learn how water is transferred from its source to its point of use. They will consider what might happen to humans if water was not readily available. They will identify actions at school that can conserve resources, such as turning off dripping taps.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) will be a focus for Grade two in second term. Students will participate in a range of practical activities to not only extend their understanding transport and water, but to develop their critical thinking, problem solving and collaborative skills.

Grade 3/4 | Term 2 overview – 2019


Students will focus on persuasive writing along with descriptive writing and editing their written work. They will have the opportunity to revise the structure of the persuasive text and further develop their editing skills. Students will continue to cover various aspects of grammar and use VCOP strategies and editing to further enhance their writing.

In spelling, the focus will be a different weekly sound, exploring how different letters can make the same sounds and continue to learn spelling rules to support their spelling.


Students will cover a variety of concepts including the four processes in number, with a specific focus on patterns in number and problem solving. Other concepts include angles, length, area and perimeter. Students will also be encouraged to continue to learn their times tables. Weekly streamed numeracy sessions will continue where students are grouped according to their ability and a differentiated curriculum provided.


Inquiry Learning

Grade 3 students will study the unit Making Life Easier which is a focus on inventions and what items have been invented to make their daily lives easier! The Science focus will be Heating Up which looks at where and why we use and need heat.

Grade 4 students will study a geography based unit called The World Around Us which will explore Australia, South America and Africa. Students will also undertake a research project on a chosen country to be completed at school. They will cover a Science unit called Smooth Moves which focuses on forces and will be involved in an incursion provided by Hands On Science.

Students will also commence the Robotics program with Mr Rob Kelly.

Grade 5/6 | Term 2 – 2019


When reading, students will continue to revise comprehension strategies. Narrative and persuasive (exposition) are the focus writing genres, with lessons involving the VCOP and Big Write and the Seven Steps writing programs. We will use the SMART spelling approach to build on the strategies of meaning, syllables and identifying the sounds within words. The school’s Radio Show is a key area of speaking and listening and script writing within the senior school curriculum – so please tune into 97.7fm on Wednesdays at 2pm to hear the live broadcast.


The Grade 5s will have a varied numeracy curriculum in the lead up to NAPLAN to ensure students are covering all necessary components.  The grade 5 and 6 students will also investigate multiplication, division, fractions, decimals and number sequences.  Measurement and Geometry tasks will involve 2D and 3D shapes, angles, time, volume and capacity. Data representation and interpretation will be the main focus areas for Statistics and Probability.  The Problem Based Learning focus for term two is ‘Draw a Picture or Diagram’.

The Australian Colonies – Grade 5

In this unit, students look at the reasons why Australia was chosen as a British Colony; Life as a Convict/Early Settler/Aboriginal person and the Gold Rush.  The Grade 5 Camp to Sovereign Hill ties into student learning and is an integral part of the unit of study. Students will be required to complete a project, where they investigate past mining tools and then design a mining tool for the 21st century considering Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Federation and Australian Government – Grade 6

In this unit, students will be looking at the reasons behind Australia becoming a Federal Nation and how our current system of Government operates.  The students will participate in role-play incursions to fully immerse them in their learning.  The Grade 6 City Camp includes a visit to Melbourne’s House of Parliament where the students can experience their learning first hand! Students will complete a collaborative task where they will design a replica of the Melbourne CBD considering Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Within the senior school, students will be participating in additional sporting clinics organised by Miss Craig in addition to our Winter Interschool Sport Competition.  Students are also able to elect to participate in programs such as: RoboCup, Wakakirri, State School Spectacular, Choir, Garden Club and Art Club which are held during lunch and recess times each week.


Towards the middle/end of term, students will be engaged in assessments in preparation for mid-year reports and upcoming three-way conferences.  They will revisit their Learning Maps and assess how they are progressing with their Learning Goals and Change Priorities.


Performing Arts | Term 2 – 2019

Dance: Students will develop their understanding of movement and be exposed to a range of movement vocabulary. Students will use the elements of dance to make and perform dance sequences that demonstrate fundamental movement skills to represent ideas.

Prep- In term 2, prep students will explore movement and how their bodies can travel around the space safely and in time. Students will  learn a range of simple choreographed dances exploring rhythm, beat, time and creative movement to a range of songs.

Grade 1 and 2- This term grade 1&2 students will explore locomotor and non-locomotor movements and use these fundamental movement skills in their own dance. We will develop students understanding of movement and experiment with simple technical and expressive skills and begin to learn about choreographic devices through selecting and organising movements in their own dances.

Grade 3 and 4 – Grade 3&4 students will explore cultural dance where they will learn sequenced dance moves and structure movements into dance sequences using the elements of dance. They will begin to collaborate and create their own dances routines to simple songs. Students will perform developing control, accuracy, projection and focus.

Grade 5 and 6- This term students will continue to develop their skills in drama and film before continuing onto dance. Grade 5 & 6 students will plan, script and film a short film about the effects of pollution and show how they can create a change. Students will explore framing and blocking out scenes to create a range of still and moving shots. In dance, students will extend their awareness of their body as they combine movements and actions to cultural dance routines. Students will build their understanding of space, time, dynamics and relationships including performing in groups of varying sizes.

Visual Arts | Term 2 – 2019

The students will get the opportunity to explore a wide variety of different art mediums such as drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, clay, sculpture, construction and textiles. They will learn to make choices when experimenting with materials, tools and techniques.

Prep: This term the students will refine their practical and fine motor skills. They will continue to explore primary and secondary colours, develop their papercraft skills with the Chinese Dragon Festival and begin some basic modelling and 3D sculpture.

Grade 1/2 Students will be busy this term with a big focus on using a wide range of materials to design and build moving toys and transport. They will become aware of different joining methods. Students will continue to develop their drawing through instruction and choose appropriate collage materials to enhance their work with texture and colour.

Grade 3/4 Students will work with textiles this semester using basic stitching skills and making choices about the materials they use. They will also use paints to develop a variety of colours, shades and tints and continue to focus on line, shape with attention to detail.  To coincide with the Dragon Boat Festival, students will construct a 3D paper origami sculpture to present at a special assembly.                      

Grade 5/6 Students in grade 5/6 will look at how Science and Art work together and experiment with different materials and the special effects that can be made. As grade 6 visit City Camp for Term 2, they will have the opportunity to explore and create their own graffiti tag as seen in popular lanes in Melbourne City.  They will also work on 3D sculpture and respond to famous Artists, as well as Dragon Festival Activities.

Physical Education | Term 2 – 2019

Prep: The Prep students will be focusing on working in groups, participating in games (with and without equipment) and practising fundamental movement skills and movement pattern using different body parts. Students have also been attending PMP sessions two mornings a week.

Grade 1&2: Students will be focusing on working on their fundamental motor skills such as jumping, throwing, leaping and running. These skills will be done while learning about different Athletics events.

Grade 3&4: Students are practising and refining their Athletics skills in preparation for House Athletics.

Grade 5&6: Students are practising and refining their Athletics skills in preparation for House Athletics. Students will be evaluating their performance individually or in small groups.

Extra-Curricular Activities for Term 2

– St Margaret’s Netball Challenge

– District Cross Country

– Grade 3/4 AFL 9’s

– Grade 5/6 Interschool Sport

– Divisional Cross Country

– Girls Football Day

Mandarin | Term 2 – 2019


Prep students are provided with a happy and positive learning environment in order to promote interest and build their confidence in Mandarin learning. In term 2, students will continue to learn the expressions of classroom routines and count number 1-10. They will be introduced to the legends and customs of Chinese Dragon Boat Festival in cultural lessons.


In term 2, Grade 1- 2 students will continue to build on their vocabulary. They will learn how to introduce their family members and themselves in Mandarin. They will further develop their ability to make phrases, e.g. ‘My name is …’, ‘I’m … years old’, ‘This is my …’, ‘I love my …’.  Students will be introduced to the legends and customs of Chinese Dragon Boat Festival in cultural lessons.


In term2, Grade 3-6 students will focus on learning the phrases relating to weather and seasons. They are expected to use the sentences ‘What is your favourite season?’ ‘I like…Because…’ to communicate with teachers and peers in the classroom and learn to write some related Chinese characters.  Students will be introduced to the legends and customs of Dragon Boat Festival in cultural lessons.

Extension Groups

The Extension group will focus on learning Chinese culture and making related handcraft in term 2.  The students will experience Chinese dance, songs and Chinese painting in class.  They will learn some famous historic and cultural sites in China and the legends.                                                                                    

STEM Studies – Term 2 overview – 2019

At Berwick Lodge Primary School, we have implemented a whole-school Robotics and Coding Program to embed digital technologies based on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) principles.

The learning experiences and level of engagement will be appropriate for the ages and abilities of students in each year level, equipping them with 21st Century learning skills using a range of hardware and software.

In Term 2, the Grade 5/6 students will continue to work with Mr Kelly, along with the Grade ¾ students, to develop an appreciation of how the world works around them by using STEM as the catalyst.

Through the creation of various STEM-related projects, the students will use Minecraft, Arduino Uno and Lego Robotics to develop their agency, metacognition and collaborative learning skills.


Parents & Friends Association (PFA)

The Parents and Friends Association is an integral and important part of Berwick Lodge Primary School. We work closely with School Council, staff, students and the school community as a whole. Your support is vital and we strongly encourage new membership. Fresh ideas are always most welcome.

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